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Thread: Live Stream for Dice Masters Nationals

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    Live Stream for Dice Masters Nationals

    Thanks to Indy Mon for pointing this link out. Watch all the Nationals matches - and look for
    Dave, Evan & Randyhere!

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    That was FUN. Randy was on twice, I was on twice. It was awesome.

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    Is there anywhere I can see what teams people used for US Nationals? I, unfortunately, missed watching any games live.

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    WizKids said that they'll be posting this information, and that they'll be having the videos put on to YouTube.

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    Excellent. Thanks for the quick reply!

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    The streams advertised a YouTube channel which would contain all the videos and such. The two final teams were shown before the final round for sure.

    I think the channel was ClashTournaments or something like that. I'm following them on Roku, so when I get home, I'll double check.

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    The feature table was good to me. I won all four games there.

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    1-2 at the feature table. I was really happy with my 1 win.

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