From a previous thread this here is my Little Cup Team. Its neat and really good i think:

Attachment 2923

Now i will upgrade it to BRAWL with the BIG Guys

Storm: Wind-Rider for African Goddess
Groot: We Are Groot for Spider-Man:Webslinger and
SHIELD AGENT: Need to know basis for Level 6 Access

Attachment 2923

Groot should help in cases someone wants to destroy my Team with Hulk or Breathweapons.
Replacements for him could be Stargirl or Cap. Am or even Iron Fist. Or i would if i could take Z-Magneto with me or Jinzo.

Storm: Wind-Rider is a good Second Win-Condition and is helping my Sidekicks.

SHIELD Agent is for giving me a Avanger Clearing with 50% and if i need arrows or more energy.
Replacement Kwannon Assassin or Milleniumspuzzle or even Punisher.

Wonder Woman(Attachment) Loved by Gods is the new Main way now to deal damage with mystic Box instead of Spiderman Webslinger.

Good Team? Bad Team? Should i change something?