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Thread: Article: 3D Printed Storage Case by Digression 3D

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    that's pretty slick but i will keep my solution, which is one of my dice bags with the bottom of a fantasy flight deck box in it. it holds 4 sets of BAC dice and 8 sidekicks perfectly. i toss the matching BAC indicator cards in the bag and away i go. between rounds i hold the dice in the bag.

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    These look really, really great. I might look in to picking one or two up, since they'd make prepping for locals much easier.

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    While at Gencon, I saw a set of these done by the same guy in a larger size (for standard dice). I was pretty impressed.

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    A guy at one of the stores I play at has one of these, and it does look slick.

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    Just put my order in for a purple one, can't wait!

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