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    Who's got one?

    What is your favorite game on it?

    My wife and I have a PS4 with Diablo 3, The new Uncharted collection, and Disney Infinity 3.0.

    Does anyone else have any recommendations? We are really close to a platinum on Diablo and will start Uncharted soon

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    It's mostly my kids that play on my PS4. They mostly play the Lego games. I picked it up last year when Destiny came out. I'd probably play it more if it had split screen co-op.

    The last few days have been fun playing around with the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. I'm considering picking that one up when it's released.

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    Got one for Christmas last year from the wifey and I've been loving it since. Use it to watch TV and play games. Currently been obsessed with Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. Other than that, I don't believe I have too many games that are highly multiplayer, at least as far as online goes. I play some pretty weird Japanese and Indie games though from time to time.

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    I play tons of Destiny with my PS4. I have other games but Destiny just seems to draw me in all the time.

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    I play D3 on PC. But I haven't gotten a PS4 yet. I will, eventually, but not yet. When Arkham Knight gets a GotY edition, I'll get a PS4. I'm a patient gamer.

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    Same, I am patiently waiting got the PS4. That new Star Wars edition one though looks amazing...

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