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Thread: Couple of D&D questions : Gelatinous Cube Captor Captured. Human Paladin Sinistered

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    Couple of D&D questions : Gelatinous Cube Captor Captured. Human Paladin Sinistered

    I am trying to find a definitive ruling on what happens if a Gelatinous Cube with a captive is captured specific to the wording (This Capture Lasts Until It Is Used Again) Does the cube return it's captive when it leaves the field in this manner?

    Also Mr Sinisters global - (Pay bolt/bolt each player chooses one of his characters to take 3 damage) vs Human Paladins "when active" text - (While active your characters in the field cannot be affected by global abilities used by your opponent) Sinisters global is targeting the player and asking them to deal three damage to a chosen character, does that circumvent Human Paladin?

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    Q: What happens to a captured die if the capturing die is captured, rerolled, or otherwise changed such that the power is no longer available?
    A: On Page 21 of the rulebook, under the Capturing, Controlling, and Copying section, “Once the capturing ends, place the die wherever it came from (the text on the capturing die’s card will tell you where you captured it from).” If the capturing die is somehow changed (through rerolling, etc), and is removed from the field, its ability is no longer in play, so the captured die would be returned to where you captured it from.
    Second: Still targeting, even if the opponent is selecting the target.
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    For clarification on the second question:

    Human Paladin doesn't care about targeting whatsoever. All it does is make your characters ignore the effects of globals your opponent uses. In this case, the damage from the Mister Sinister global would be negated since it cannot affect your characters. The important thing to note, though, is that entirely contradictory to what @pk2317 said, the Mister Sinister global does not target at all. It forces both players to pay the cost of dealing 3 damage to one of their characters each. According to the WizKids Rules Forum:

    "When doing something in isolation would typically be detrimental to the player using it, it is a cost."

    As such, even effects that would prevent targeting or redirect targeting such as Wonder Girl - Cassie Sandsmark are useless against Mister Sinister's global. The only reason Human Paladin saves your characters when your opponent uses the ability is that his effect prevents your opponent's globals from interacting with your characters at all, with their costs or their effects.

    This is somewhat contradictory to the rule that "you cannot force your opponent to pay a cost." but this is WizKids we're dealing with and it's to be expected at this point.

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    I don't think that applies here.

    Because the inactive player is not the player that is using the global.

    So, whilst the choosing a character to take 3 damage is a cost for the active player, it is not for the inactive player.

    And it then doesn't contradict the "can't force opponent to pay a cost" rule.

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