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Thread: Hwetzel's Trade List

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    Hwetzel's Trade List

    WoL Atom Professor of Physics
    WoL Bleez Controlled Rage
    WoL Dex-Starr "I good kitty."
    WoL Mera Furious Fatale
    WoL Miri Riam Capable of Great Love
    WoL Mongul Ruler of Warworld
    WoL Munk New Guardian
    WoL Saint Walker "All Will Be Well."
    WoL Spectre Celestial Frenzy
    WoL Superboy Prime Troublesome
    WoL Wonder Girl Barbed Lasso
    Super Rare
    WoL Parallax Fear
    WoL Wonder Woman Princess Diana of Earth
    AoU Kang Time-Ship
    AoU Moondragon Daughter of the Destroyer
    AoU Spider-Woman Pheromones
    AoU Ultron Drone Swarm of Destruction
    JL Captain Cold Master of Absolute Zero
    JL Katana Soultaker Sword
    JL Robin Acrobatic Adolescent
    UXM Captain America Superhero
    UXM Marvel Girl Telepath
    UXM OP Magneto Heir to the Dream
    UXM OP Marvel Girl Humanity
    UXM OP2 Hawkeye Avengers Disassembled
    AvX Angel Soaring
    AvX Black Widow Killer Instinct
    AvX Cyclops Scott Summers
    AvX Deadpool Chiyonosake
    AvX Doctor Doom Victor
    AvX Doctor Octopus Mad Scientist
    AvX Doctor Strange Probably a Charlatan
    AvX Gambit Cardsharp
    AvX Hawkeye Robin Hood
    AvX Magneto Sonderkommando
    AvX Mr. Fantastic The Invincible Man
    AvX Nick Fury Patch
    AvX Nightcrawler Circus Freak
    AvX Nova The Human Rocket
    AvX Phoenix Jeannie
    AvX Punisher Big Nothing
    AvX Rogue Can't Touch This
    AvX Silver Surfer Sky-Rider
    AvX War Machine James Rhodes
    Super Rare
    AvX Black Widow Tsarina
    AvX Green Goblin "Gobby"
    AvX Mr. Fantastic Elastic
    AvX Wolverine Canucklehead
    AvX OP Basic Action Card Teamwork
    AvX OP Basic Action Card Collateral Damage
    AvX OP Thor The Mighty
    AvX OP Spider-Man The Amazing
    AvX OP Wolverine Walking His Own Path
    AvX OP Colossus Phoenix Force
    AvX OP Iron Man Phoenix Buster
    AvX OP Cyclops Phoenix Force
    AvX OP Phoenix Force Force of Nature
    UXM Captain America "Follow Me!"
    UXM Mister Sinister Nasty Boy
    UXM Psylocke Ninjutsu
    UXM Pyro Pyrokinetic
    UXM Storm Superhero
    UXM Wolverine Antihero
    UXM X-23 Assassin
    UXM Apocalypse Time of Testing
    UXM Black Panther Diversion
    UXM Cable Time Traveler
    UXM Iron Man Superhero
    UXM Namor Imperius Rex
    UXM Professor X Trainer
    UXM Red Hulk Superhero
    UXM Scarlet Witch Unity Squad
    UXM Sentinel Robot
    UXM Spider-Man Spider Sense
    UXM Toad Mortimer Toynbee
    UXM Vision Victor Shade
    Super Rare
    UXM Emma Frost Hellfire Club
    UXM Iron Man Industrialist
    UXM OP Apocalypse Earth-295
    UXM OP Beast Nefarious Geneticist
    UXM OP Sentinel Omega
    UXM OP Kitty Pryde On a Mission
    UXM OP Wolverine Wanted
    UXM OP Emma Frost White Queen
    UXM OP Phoenix Dark Phoenix
    UXM OP2 Scarlet Witch Avengers Disassembled
    UXM OP2 She-Hulk Avengers Disassembled
    AoU Beast Not Your Average Pretty Face
    AoU Bucky Soldier
    AoU Captain Marvel Inspiration
    AoU Giant Man Pym Particles
    AoU Loki Agent of Asgard
    AoU Phil Coulson Expert Recruiter
    AoU Rocket Raccoon Smartest Mammal In The D’ast Galaxy
    Super Rare
    AoU Captain Universe Enigma Force
    AoU Thanos Infinite
    AoU Red Skull Undying Evil
    AoU Gladiator Intergalactic Terror
    AoU Electro Cooked Meat
    JL The Atom Subatomic Superhero
    JL Batarang Instrument of Distraction
    JL Blue Beetle Magically Infused
    JL Booster Gold Glory-Seeking Showboat
    JL Brainiac Collector of Worlds
    JL Captain Cold Leonard Wynters
    JL Aquaman Orin
    JL Black Canary Canary Cry
    JL Booster Gold High Publicity Hijinks
    JL Brainiac Twelfth-Level Intelligence
    JL Catwoman Femme Fatale
    JL Harley Quinn Psychopathic Psychiatrist
    JL Hawkman Carter Hall
    JL Lex Luthor Billionaire Industrialist
    JL Shazam! Strength of Hercules
    JL Sinestro Sinestro Corps Leader
    JL Solomon Grundy Buried on a Sunday
    JL Swamp Thing Part of The Green
    JL Vibe Formerly Hardline
    JL Vixen Animal Mimicry
    Super Rare
    JL Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance
    JL OP Superman™ Trinity War
    JL OP Basic Action Card House of Mystery
    JL OP Constantine Trinity War
    JL OP Shazam! Trinity War
    JL OP Martian Manhunter Trinity War
    JL OP Firestorm Trinity War
    JL OP Batman™ Trinity War
    JL OP Atomica Trinity War
    WoL The Flash Believe In The Impossible
    WoL Jade Empowered by the Starheart
    WoL Lyssa Drak Fear of the Unknown
    Super Rare
    WoL Lantern Battery Power Source
    WoL Black Lantern Aquaman From the Depths
    WoL Black Lantern Batman™ Blackest Knight
    WoL Black Lantern Superman™ Krypton's Fall
    WoL Black Lantern Wonder Woman Undead Warrior
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    Interested in your WoL Wonder Woman SR. Have all the Uncommons you need plus several rares. Check my list and PM me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    Did so and PMed you

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    Up dated my lists. A little slow in getting back to people. Sorry about that.

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