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    MVPs by Set

    Pick on and only one card in each set as your Most Valuable Player Card in that set. Not necessarily the most valuable in terms of money, but the one card that you believe makes the biggest impact in the game over all.

    Here are mine:

    Avengers vs. X-Men

    This is where all the fun started. And on the whole, it may have the most All-Star MVP candidates of any set. Tsarina and Gobby are deservedly the most expensive super rare cards in the game. They are amazingly powerful and meta defining. And a case can be made for Wolverine: Formerly Weapon Ten and Canucklehead. Don't forget Venom, Punisher, Storm, Beast... Wow, there are some amazing cards in this set. But in the end, Hulk: Green Goliath gets the nod. Once you see him come out, you know it is all but over. Green Goliath has been a staple in many of the most competitive teams. Entire strategies have been developed to counter him. When that happens, you know you've got an MVP.

    Uncanny X-Men

    More balanced than Avengers v. X-Men, Uncanny X-Men doesn't have quite the standouts that AVX did. Don't get me wrong. There are some great cards in this set. Pyro, Ice-Man, Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch all made a big splash at the time. But Professor X: Recruiting Young Mutants gets my vote for the Global ability alone. That's how good this global is. It completely changed the game and continues to define the meta.


    Like AVX, there are a lot of cards that are worth including in any MVP discussion. I really wanted to make my choice Morphing Jar: Canopic Jar. The first 1 cost card in the game, it floored all of us when we saw it. Not only is it dirt cheap, it has amazing stats. And then there is Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Monstrous Dragon that grabbed our attention at Nationals. But I think I'm going to give the nod to Jinzo: Trap Destroyer. This card embodies control and disruption. A nasty card to face, to be sure.

    Dungeons and Dragons: Battle for Faerun


    I've read that some people feel D&D BFF is is best self-contained set in Dice Masters at this point. And it is a lot of fun to play and explore. Beholder: Master Aberration and Red Dragon: Lesser Dragon are two standouts. Some of the very best Basic Action Cards in the game appear in this set with Magic Missile, Dimension Door, and Resurrection. And speaking of Action Cards, Prismatic Spray definitely makes a difference. But Human Paladin has probably done more to make people want to flip the table than any thing else. He's my MPV for D&D.

    DC Justice League

    Super Rare Constantine almost took this one in my mind. And some may argue for Solomon Grundy: Buried on a Sunday. But Grundy needs support to make him work. Cheetah: Cursed Archeologist and Hawkman: World's Fiercest Attacker both replaced Pyro: Saint-John Allerdyce. Firestorm: Ronnie and Jason made bolt teams so much more vicious to play. But I think Red Tornado: Lab Creation deserves the Justice League slot. This card means you almost never have to worry about sidekicks if you don't want to. You can quickly get to the characters you just bought. Fabulous card.

    We've not had as much time with the next two sets, but I'll name my tentative MVPs for each.

    Age of Ultron

    Wasp: Founding Avenger is my MVP here. She stings your opponent whenever they try to use globals. That two generic cost ability to damage a target character has a lot of utility. I want to bring her along with almost all teams I play.

    DC War of Light

    There is some great synergy and combos in this set. But Warth: Hope Burns Bright gives you a double punch with "when fielded abilities." Some of the WoL cards work well in set, but not so much out. Warth will find a place on many teams.

    So, these are my MVPs. What are yours?

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    AVX: Hulk - GG it's the embodiment of control. None more controllier.

    UXM: Professor X - Trainer. I actually prefer the rare to the common since you almost never (read, I haven't actually had to do it) buy it but if you had to buy one, if you're a Gobby deck it helps protect your sidekicks. The other does literal nothing in the one in a trillion games you'd have to buy it.

    YGO: Blue Eyes - Monstrous Dragon. Hands down the strongest effect in the game. It's ramp on almost on par with PXG but also gives you the utlity of getting your effects again and if you build for it and your opponent doesn't you end up with way more upside than they do.

    BFF: Magic Missile. It kills your opponent dead, plays well with other cards, and adds a nice control element to most builds. It is a card that almost does everything.

    JUL: Constantine - Hellblazer. Actually, the set stands out to me as being somewhat weak compared to the others, but Constantine is pretty powerful. That one turn delay can be enough to flip the game state.

    AoU: Magneto - Magnetic Monster. Turns off so many relevant cards.

    WoL: Lantern Ring - Limited Only By Imagination. It allows more mid-rangy builds that be as fast as aggro, it gives aggro a way to close the game out. Sometimes it forces awkward buys. It's just solid all around.

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    For me it's...

    AvX: Distraction


    YGO:Blue Eyes


    JL:Solomon Grundy

    AoU:Zombie Magneto


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    Great question that I believe is best divided into two separate lists:

    1. The most meta cards:

    AvX - Hulk GG
    Uncanny - Prof X (any with the global)
    YGO - Blue Eyes Monstrous Dragon
    DnD - Polymorph
    DC JL - Constantine Hellblazer
    AoU - Jocasta Patterned after Janet
    DC WoL - Lantern Battery Power Source

    But that list is kind of boring. My favourite cards to play with (and the ones I think are the best) from each set:

    AvX - Colossus Piotr Rasputin
    Uncanny - Ice Man Mister Friese (by far the best ice man, who needs a stinking global)
    YGO - Mystical Elf Everlasting Support
    DnD - Purple Worm Greater Beast
    DC JL - Green Lantern Willpower
    AoU - Ultron Drone 1 of a million
    DC WoL - Warth Hope Burns Bright

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    I'm gonna be boring...

    AvX: Hulk GG
    UXM: PXG
    BFF: Magic Missile
    YGO: Blue Eyes
    JuL: Grundy

    AoU and WoL I've not used the cards enough to be absolutely sure, but were I forced to choose, I'd likely go with:

    AoU: Wasp.
    WoL: Warth.

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    AvX: Hulk Jade Giant
    UXM: PXG
    BFF: Polymorph
    YGO: Blue Eyes
    JuL: Zatanna(3cost - when fielde ddraw a die)
    AoU: Wasp.
    WoL: Lyssa Drak

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    If you miss out Warth I think you've just given away your team haven't you?

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    If you miss out Warth I think you've just given away your team haven't you?

    That was meant for @Scorpion0x17 by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenSaidScott View Post
    If you miss out Warth I think you've just given away your team haven't you?

    That was meant for @Scorpion0x17 by the way.
    LOL, yeah.

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    Off the cuff it would be...

    AvX - Jade Giant
    UXM - Professor X: RYM
    YGO - BEWD: Monstrous Dragon
    BFF - Kobold: GH
    JuL - Firestorm: Jason & Ronnie
    AoU - Ultron Drone: 1 of a Million
    WoL - Fatality: Bounty Hunter

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