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Thread: Help choosing a team for tonight.

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    Help choosing a team for tonight.

    Hi all.

    We are having a little dm competition at my local club tonight and I have 2 teams in mind to use but I can't decide which one I should take. I'd like everyone's opinions on the teams and maybe help choosing! Lol

    Team 1. Bat-bolt.

    The idea is to buy up power bolt asap buy and field batman to boost as well as using torch to boost the damage.

    Team 2. Dragon teamwork.

    The plan with this one is to buy big entrance turn 1 and profx/surfer. Buy half dragon turn2. Field him and buy cheap dragons (hopefully with big entrance again as well) get free teamwork BAC when I field the other dragons, maybe get the zombie if I have a turn with spare energyenergy. Then use teamwork for big boosts all round/blue dragon stops a blocker per BAC / breath weapons clear little guys and attack big.

    What's the concensus on my options?


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    bat bolt team:
    although PXG does help you churn and get to your damage quicker, it also helps your opponent ramp into bigger things that might stop you in your tracks before you can get lethal.
    Are there better options to churn without ramp (because you are not making big purchases).

    disclaimer: I'm not very good at building.

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