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Thread: Article: The Transition Zone: Timmy, Johnny and Spike Part 1

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    Article: The Transition Zone: Timmy, Johnny and Spike Part 1

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    please where are the other 2 guys!!!! I want to read it^^ and your comparison to DM!

    I am definitivly a Johnny-Spiker player. Testing, looking for even more ways to play some cards/decks, enjoying to create decks that are absurd. And ofcourse with an competive eye on it. More Testing! Maybe never playing it on a tournament because i want those special cards to win(dammit Vorthos/John go away!)

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    I'm a johnny-spike. creating decks with good cheap combos is fun for me.

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    I'm a straight up spike, perfectly okay with it!

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    I am absolutely a Johnny, and have just luckily been a successful Johnny in Dice Masters so far.
    In Magic I was always a "homebrewer", usually showing up with some version of Zombie themed deck. Being a Johnny very rarely led to any winning results in Magic and that is very likely why I've enjoyed Dice Masters so much since I feel I have more room to be creative and still have success.

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    i have a bit of Timmy and spike, but i'm mostly a johnny.

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    I look forward to seeing what people think when we look at the others in future articles!

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    I feel that this is a little bit of a narrow description. The player archetypes aren't defined by one sort of thing that they like, but rather by what they want out of the game. In Timmy's case, that's an experience. (For anyone unfamiliar with the archetypes or with thinking of them this way, Johnny wants to express something, and Spike wants to win something)
    So getting enough energy to buy and field Phoenix Force is something a Timmy would enjoy, but managing to field all 8 of their sidekicks at the same time, rolling all their dice in one turn, or fusing a Thousand Dragon all can be as well. The thing to remember when saying a play or card ties to one of the archetypes is what the player generally gets out of the play/card is just as important as the play/card itself.
    In the example of rolling all your dice, it's a pure Timmy moment if it just happened during a game and you remember it as being just so damn cool (an experience). It's a pure Johnny moment if you built your team to do specifically that, and any game it happens in is a good game (an expression). Finally, it's a pure Spike moment if it's just seen as notable because it's more dice, and more dice wins games (a way to win).

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