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Thread: war machine lantern ring

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    war machine lantern ring

    So I have a deck built around lantern ring and shields. It is my understanding the shields must stay in the reserve pool through the attack or can I use them during the attack step. The question leads me to adding war machine which gives life for shields if I damage the player which occurs after the attack can I use the shields then.

    Lantern Ring: Limited Only By Imagination
    “Continuous: While active, when your characters attack, they deal 1 damage to target player for each energy symbol in your Reserve Pool that matches their type.”

    War Machine: Combat Comrade
    War Machine gets +2A and +2D if you have Iron Man in the field.

    Global: When one of your  [Shield] characters damages your opponent in the attack step, pay  [1 Shield] to gain 1 life.

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