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Thread: Hulk Anger Issues interactions

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    Hulk Anger Issues interactions

    I have so very many questions about what all does or does not trigger the various Hulk abilities (like Hulk Anger Issues, which gives +2A/+2D whenever you or hulk take damage), so I thought I would collect them here.

    Known interactions:
    1. If a single action damages both Hulk and the player at the same time (e.g. Force Beam), Hulk gets just +2/+2
    2. If a the same action is played twice (e.g. two Force Beams are rolled and used in the same turn) Hulk gets +4/+4 (source, pg 7)
    3. If two characters attack, and Hulk blocks one, and the other is unblocked, Hulk gets +4/+4 (source)

    So, how high would an Anger Issues Hulk be inflated if:
    1. Fist of Fury is used on the single Burst side, so you would "Deal 1 damage to target player. Deal 2 damage to target player."
    2. Pyro Saint John Allerdyce (when Pyro is blocked, he deals 1 damage to your opponent) is blocked by Hulk.
    3. Fireball is used on the double-burst side; main text is "Deal 2 damage to each character and each player", burst is "Deal 1 additional damage to each character and each player"
    4. Magic Missile Global (Pay [Bolt]. Deal 1 damage to a character.) is used multiple times on the same turn to ping Hulk

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    1.) FoF is supposed to say "Instead" (Source).
    2.) Pyro triggers after blockers are assigned and damages opponent, Hulk grows at that time. When combat damage is resolved, Hulk takes damage and grows again.
    3.) Increased damage is not a separate source (or trigger) (Source). Same as Force Beam above (your #1).
    4.) Each usage causes Hulk to take 1 damage and grow by +2. Same as your #2 above.

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    Thanks @pk2317 , that helps. #2 and 4 were in line with my expectations, and with the errata on #1 it makes sense to me as well. For #3, I think I just read that differently than everyone else (not just here, in my local group as well). I see that as two instances of damage (deal 2 damage, then deal 1 more), rather than an increase (deal 3 damage). I mostly get that from the fact that it is worded differently than any other action card of any set. There are tons of examples of bursts reading, like FoF, "Instead, deal ...", so I figured that Fireball would read "Instead, deal 3 damage..." if that was the intent. Of course, that assumes that WizKids is actually careful or intentional about their word choice (HA). Oh well. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    3.) Increased damage is not a separate source (or trigger) (Source). Same as Force Beam above (your #1).
    I just want to get this straight. Even though BOTH character AND player are getting damage Hulk does not grow twice because the it is coming from ONE source?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necromanticer View Post
    That is correct @koolkat67 .
    Did not know this. Thanks!

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