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Thread: Dedicated Hulk control

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    Dedicated Hulk control

    Black Widow - Tsarina (4)
    Hulk - Green Goliath (3)
    Lord of D. Dragon Protector (3)
    Ring of Magnetism - Action Attraction (3)
    Breaker The Magical Warrior - Mana Break (4)
    Professor X - Trainer (1)
    Slifer - Lightning Blast (1)
    Ice Man - Too Cool For Words (1)


    Card choices - Everything should be obvious. Distraction is more so to keep yourself safe from force to attacks though it also helps against aggro sometimes assuming they don't have the fist for Doomcalibre. Resurrection is mathematically not far removed PXG on turn 1, and sometimes being able to spend excess energy you couldn't otherwise is worth it.

    So this is what I've been playing locally. I was watching the stream on Twitch and from testing matches I'm positive this list could have at least qualified given a competent pilot.

    So to give a run down, against Gobby teams you buy a Tsarina, ramp buy Hulk, field Hulk and win. It works most of the time in that match up. Against High Hopes teams you auto win because ant-man can never hit you. Nova matches are a bit trickier, but you go over the top of them pretty decently. If they're spending time Nova-ing and you're spending time Hulking you get out ahead a fair amount of the time though sometimes you actually just die before you can have enough power to get the kill in. I'd say it's still 60-70% our favor. Weapon X teams can be tricky but your goal is to lock them down by shooting Hulk on their turn pre-combat so Doomcalibre doesn't matter that much - the way they're going to kill you is actually from Power Bolts or Fireballs which they're not all packing. Life is a resource, you can eat 10 if you're going to stabilize, you can't eat 10 if you're going to get your face burnt off while not having lethal. If you can assemble Hulk + Ring + Lord you've essentially won the game. That's the point of no return. Against Lord of D teams it's a bit worse because we have to go out of our for Breakers which slows us down considerably. The thing is most don't run Breaker so we can break their lock, establish a lock, which puts us in a favorable position. Assuming we didn't get rolled hard early this match can be winnable. It's not a perfect build by any means, and it does suffer a bit to failing to set up while getting aggro'd to death though if you can survive for 5-ish turns you have the best possible late game.

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    I like this team - I really do. The first absolute butt-stomping I got in this game was at the hands of Randy with a Green Goliath squad. This was UXM era so not all the options you've got here, Scum. Nice work.

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    Ran into something similar today, my only loss on Swiss. It was effective but has similar "first vs. second" problems as the other stuff.

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    So there is a comment in there about Weapon Ten in the first post of this thread. I should note that the list wasn't card for card exact, and it may operate on a different level than Walsh's. In testing it did well against THAT team, not necessarily Walsh's and I need to play test against Walsh's list before I can conclude that it is good against that sort of team. I have openly expressed skepticism about Wolverine though that's largely based on play testing done before nationals - I am not dismissing it outright and I will be testing against things closer to Walsh's sometime this week. Please do not take that sentence in the original post to mean it has a good game there, I have not tested it thoroughly.

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    Well, I think what I saw was that while good early things like Weapon Ten could get through and absolutely matter in some games, it really was the Hulk that made closing the door possible.

    I think that Widow/Hulk/Patch instead of Ant-Man/Hulk/Patch could be the way, or at least a way to go. Though certainly I can't complain about my Ant-Man's performance today.

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