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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow War of Light Draft Episode 5 A Little Bit of Everything

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    Article: Reading the Rainbow War of Light Draft Episode 5 A Little Bit of Everything

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    Lots of times in drafts this is the sort of spread you are looking at. Luckily, I've often been sitting next to people who have had an embarrassment of riches, and have been able to turn my bupkis into greatness. As long as I don't mind their leftovers (which I don't)... and you don't mind "hope drafting" in the sincere belief that someone else had to pull something better.

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    Exactly Oddball, don't fret over having nothing in your opening hand. Maybe the guy sitting next to you cracks a Super Rare and you get passed all the choices in the world for pack 2.

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    I agree on the jade pick, but I would have taken the common lantern ring over saint walker anyday. That card is almost too good not to take in draft, especially given the abundance of blue lantern characters in this set with decent costs and stats, which lend themselves well to a thrown car BAC since people love to turtle and stall behind walls. Keeping the pressure up is important. While I actually like that flash for having somewhat beefy stats for a 3 cost, most people are turned off by his ability text, so I might expect him to round, as with the common saint walker.

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    The reason I took the Walker is there are 5 Ring dice, and 4 Walkers. Also, most peple will prioritize more characters over a second copy of the ring, meaning there are likely 2-3 copies of the common ring going around. Lastly, Jade gives me a Green Lantern icon, and Walker gives me a character where ring doesn't.

    Don't get me wrong, both options are good, I simply think, statistically, I'm more likely to see a second ring than I am a second common Walker.

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