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Thread: Chicago area players.

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    Chicago area players.

    Hay will come right out and say I am new to this site but not dm. I am not sure if this is where I should be putting this or not but me and a friend have been looking into making more events in the local game shops as only one dose it so fare. More are willing but we need to fine more players. So how many people play dice masters in the Chicago suburban area say 30 miles or so around Woodfield play and are looking for getting to go to event?

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    We have a thing coming up so people can share locations. Hopefully that'll help us all! Welcome to the site!

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    Hey all! We have a group that plays on Thursday nights in the north side of the city at Chicagoland Games (Dice Dojo) We have been very into D&D but play it all. We have a group on Facebook and Organized Play stuff is posted in there. We should be having a DC OP coming up!

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    Hay rubberbandman if you give it a little time there is going to be a new event posted for keith's comics. Our judge there was in the hospital but is feeling better an event should be up for next week as this week is c2e2. Also if more show interest we can try and see if we can set something up at nerd rage gaming in Arlington heights. They are willing to let us do rainbow drafts for 15 bucks where 12 of it goes for the pack you play and then the last 3 is for prize support. They will also add one pack per player so the pool is 4 packs per player decided up to who all show up with the winner getting the most packs.

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