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Thread: Hulk Shield Team

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    Hulk Shield Team

    I modified my old Hyperion Shield Team and changed out 4 characters though the overall strategy is the same, just done better.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pandora's Box

    The plan is to keep my life higher than my opponent's, so I can get Hulk on the field through Lex Luthor ASAP and have Hulk never leave.

    Wonder Woman with Pandora's Box is the work horse of the team in that she helps force my opponent's characters (turned Villain) to block either Captain Marvel or Iron Man.

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    I had Maria Hill and Groot in my Hyperion Team, but took them out.

    I like Maria Hill, but unless you can play Maria's ability where if you don't pay to field her and another character they go into your Prep instead of Used, she isn't that great. I know she doesn't say "When Active," but if somebody knows the ruling she's out.

    As for Groot sadly I don't have that many of him. I just haven't been lucky with pulls.

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