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    Help needed

    I was told recently that my style of play leans toward a control team, but I'm not sure what that really means.😕 Could someone explain what a control team is and give me some examples of what characters work best for this type of team?

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    This is somewhat outdated in the examples, but a good starting point:


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    wasp is great control, zmags sr, jinzo, constatine, guys like that.

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    The basic idea of control is to use removal and disruption to prevent your opponent from doing what they want to do. The hard part is figuring out a win condition that fits in with the deck you make.

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    So is it better to go with a big hitter as a win condition or something else?

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    No Control teams are viable as they are, you just need someone with a decent attack stat to go in for the kill with. For example, my villain team uses Doctor Doom - Reed Richard's Rival and Venom - Angelo Fortunato to create a -3A/3D effect on all of my opponents Non-Fist villains. This usually prevents them from keeping sidekicks and low defense characters from staying in the field. Anyone that survives is severely weakened. From that point, I can go in for the as soon as I have lethal.

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