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Thread: Is this team at all viable? I'm not sure if I'm just mish-mashing

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    Is this team at all viable? I'm not sure if I'm just mish-mashing

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    I'm not sure exactly what to change out. I don't think I'll have a chance to playtest it before I go to the event, and I'm trying really hard not to just netdeck this.

    Cards I'd love to add: Pepper Potts common (for defense and upping damage done by Miri), Tsarina (obviously), Phoenix - Redd (or the uncommon, for the global to force an attack). I feel like Lyssa is the most easily replaceable, but I like having that extra color out (lantern color) so I can move a 3 cost - actually a 4 cost.

    The most obvious I'm looking at taking out are Lyssa, Parallax, and Joker, but... I feel like there will be mirror type matches that he helps in.

    I also don't really have any action hate.

    But with Parallax... not rolling the BE can just be devastating.

    I kind of want to build around the SR battery but I don't know what exactly.

    I also feel like I'm just forcing in Lyssa just because she's good.

    I know this isn't a great team, but without time to playtest I'm not great at cold-building. It's akin to site-reading music, as opposed to practicing it first. Or composing a song and having to hear it played to know what needs to be fixed, etc... It's a pretty standard problem when doing something creative, lol.

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    What is your win condition? The only attacker I potentially see is Guy Gardner.

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    Swap Joker for PXG and I think you can go fast enough to win. Big Entrance needs a 5+dice turn to ever be worth the purchase. And it works best if used to fill an empty bag.

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    I feel like maybe there should be more of an energy focus to better utilize that Lantern Ring. But I guess that depends on how central the Lantern Battery would be to your strategy.

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