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Thread: Super Dungeon Explore 2.0 Kickstarter

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    SDE is one of my all time favorite games. It's a board game take on the old video game Gauntlet. The changes they've made for 2.0 make the game even better and I'm totally stoked for their next expansion that will take it to the campaign style of gaming.

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    I have never played the game before but it does look fun. I'll have to keep an eye on the Kickstarter.

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    Looks like it is live:

    I kind of with they had a pledge level that had Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition with the expansions and stretch goals but without Legends as I don't see myself ever playing that.

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    yeah...I get that, but it is supposed to be the Legends Kickstarter, so that's probably why. One thing I extremely like about the game is it's Arcade allows you to play it by yourself, which in my house is a very nice possibility.

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