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Thread: Large Trade List W: Full art and some odds and ends

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    Large Trade List W: Full art and some odds and ends



    full common and uncommon set

    99 Angel Soaring
    102 Cyclops Scott Summers
    103 Deadpool Chiyonosake
    106 Doctor Strange Probably a Charlatan
    108 Ghost Rider Brimstone Biker
    109 Green Goblin Norman Osborn
    110 Hawkeye Robin Hood
    112 Magneto Sonderkommando
    113 Mr. Fantastic The Invincible Man
    115 Nick Fury Patch
    116 Nightcrawler Circus Freak
    119 Professor X Charles Francis Xavier
    120 Punisher Big Nothing
    121 Rogue Can't Touch This
    123 Thing Idol of Millions
    124 Venom Angelo Fortunato
    125 War Machine James Rhodes
    126 Wolverine Formerly Weapon Ten
    127 Mjolnir Thor's Hammer
    128 Vibranium Shield Cap's Protection

    Super Rare’s

    131 Mr. Fantastic Elastic


    full common and uncommon set

    full S/C/U/R/SR set

    96 Apocalypse Time of Testing
    97 Bishop XSE
    98 Black Panther Diversion
    99 Cable Time Traveler
    100 Captain America Superhero
    101 Emma Frost Graceful
    103 Iron Man Superhero
    104 Magik Redflag #133
    105 Marvel Girl Telepath
    106 Mister Sinister Nathaniel Essex
    110 Psylocke Kwannon the Assassin
    111 Pyro Uncontrolled
    112 Red Hulk Superhero
    113 Sabretooth Superpowered
    114 Scarlet Witch Unity Squad
    115 Sentinel Robot
    116 She-Hulk Superhero
    117 Spider-Man Spider Sense
    118 Storm Lady Liberator
    119 Toad Mortimer Toynbee
    120 Vision Victor Shade
    121 X-23 Killing Machine

    Super Rare’s
    123 Emma Frost Hellfire Club
    126 Spider-Man Superhero


    full common and uncommon set

    107 Batarang From Wayne Enterprises
    112 Brainiac Twelfth-Level Intelligence
    113 Captain Cold Master of Absolute Zero
    114 Catwoman Femme Fatale
    115 Cheetah Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva
    116 Cyborg Mentor
    117 Deadman Embracing Life
    118 Firestorm Matter Master
    119 Green Lantern Brightest Day
    122 The Joker Red Hood
    123 Katana Soultaker Sword
    124 Lantern Power Ring Flight
    125 Lex Luthor Billionaire Industrialist
    126 Red Tornado Android
    128 Shazam! Strength of Hercules
    129 Sinestro Sinestro Corps Leader
    131 Stargirl Star-Spangled Kid
    132 Swamp Thing Part of The Green

    Super Rare’s
    136 Catwoman Nine Lives
    138 The Flash Connected to the Speed Force


    full common and uncommon set

    full S/C/U/R/SR set

    98 Copper Dragon Paragon Dragon
    99 Dracolich Paragon Undead Dragon
    100 Drow Assassin Paragon Humanoid
    101 Dwarf Cleric Paragon Lords Alliance
    102 Elf Wizard Paragon Zhentarim
    103 Frost Giant Paragon Elemental
    104 Half-Dragon Paragon Humanoid
    105 Half-Orc Fighter Paragon Zhentarim
    106 Invisible Stalker Paragon Elemental
    108 Manticore Paragon Beast
    109 Minotaur Paragon Humanoid
    110 Mummy Paragon Undead
    111 Orc Paragon Humanoid
    112 Owlbear Paragon Beast
    113 Pit Fiend Paragon Fiend
    114 Purple Worm Paragon Beast
    115 Skeleton Paragon Undead
    116 Treant Paragon Beast
    118 Unicorn Paragon Beast
    119 Wererat Paragon Lycanthrope
    121 Magic Helmet Paragon Gear
    122 Magic Sword Paragon Gear
    123 Limited Wish Paragon Spell
    124 Prismatic Spray Paragon Spell

    Super Rare’s
    125 Mind Flayer Epic Humanoid
    127 Stirge Epic Beast


    full common and uncommon set

    79 Dark Magician Dark Magic Attack
    80 Dark Magician Girl Dark Burning Attack
    81 Doomcaliber Knight Dark Cavalry
    86 Harpie Lady Sisters Trio of Terror
    87 Injection Fairy Lily Fairy Nurse
    88 Jinzo Trap Destroyer
    91 Lord of D. Dragonkin
    99 Saggi the Dark Clown Dark Slayer
    105 Trap Hole Wide


    full common and uncommon set

    107 Baron Zemo Thunderbolt
    112 Enchantress Hypnotic
    113 Gamora Deadliest Woman In The Universe
    117 Loki Agent of Asgard
    118 Loki's Scepter Piercing
    129 Spider-Woman Pheromones
    134 Wonder Man Movie Star


    full common and uncommon set

    107 Atom - Professor of Physics
    115 Indigo-1 - "Nok!"
    119 Larfleeze - MINE!
    120 Lyssa Drak - Fear of the Unknown
    124 Mongul - Ruler of Warworld
    127 Raven - Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!
    128 Saint Walker - "All Will Be Well."
    129 Scarecrow - Hallucinogenic Phobias

    1 Teamwork Basic Action Card
    2 Rally! Basic Action Card
    3 Deflection Basic Action Card
    4 Teleport Basic Action Card
    5 Collateral Damage Basic Action Card
    6 Takedown Basic Action Card
    7 Thor The Mighty
    8 Spider-Man The Amazing
    9 Wolverine Walking His Own Path
    10 Colossus Phoenix Force
    11 Iron Man Phoenix Buster
    12 Cyclops Phoenix Force
    13 Phoenix Force Force of Nature
    1 Magneto Heir to the Dream
    2 Apocalypse Earth 295
    3 Beast Nefarious Geneticist
    4 Sentinel Omega
    5 Kitty Pride On a Mission
    6 Wolverine Wanted
    7 Marvel Girl Humanity
    8 Emma Frost White Queen
    9 Phoenix Dark Phoenix
    1 Hawkeye Avengers Disassembled
    2 Scarlet Witch Avengers Disassembled
    3 She-Hulk Avengers Disassembled
    1 Pandora's Box Basic Action Card
    2 Superman Trinity War
    3 House of Mystery Basic Action Card
    4 Constantine Trinity War
    1 Minsc and Boo "Go for the Eyes, Boo!"
    1 Drow Assassin Minion Humanoid
    2 Elf Wizard Legendary Harper
    3 Dwarf Cleric Legendary Order of the Gauntlet



    Gladiator - Intergalactic Terror (Full Art)
    Magneto - Magnetic Monster (Full Art)
    Red Skull - Undying Evil (Full Art)
    Electro - Cooked Meat (Full Art)


    Black Lantern Batman - Blackest Knight (Full Art)
    Black Lantern Wonder Woman - Undead Warrior (Full Art)
    Black Lantern Superman - Krypton's Fall (Full Art)
    Black Lantern Superman - Krypton's Fall
    Starfire - Koriand'r
    Lantern Battery - Power Source
    Black Lantern Wonder Woman - Undead Warrior

    73 Blade Knight Last Man Standing
    74 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Monstrous Dragon
    75 Breaker the Magical Warrior Counterspell
    76 Buster Blader Dragon Executioner
    96 Obelisk the Tormentor Fist of Fury
    102 Summoned Skull Lightning Strike
    104 Time Wizard Time Magic

    107 Obelisk the Tormentor Intimidator
    108 Slifer the Sky Dragon Thunderforce Attack

    Im also looking to trade my commons and uncommon sets for any rares.
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    I have Obelisk and Superman. And I think all of the YGO rares and would like Gobby.

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