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Thread: SpiderSub (RJRETRO's Team) & Nasty Lady (RJRETRO's Girlfriend's Team)

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    SpiderSub (RJRETRO's Team) & Nasty Lady (RJRETRO's Girlfriend's Team)

    I'll be upfront: I am a new player. My girlfriend and I have started playing our favourite teams, and this is the first one I have had success with. I call it "SpiderSub" because my two key pieces are Namor/Spider-Man.

    FALCON Samuel Wilson (4)
    ANT-MAN Pym Particles (4)
    BEAST Mutate #666 (2)
    NAMOR The Sub-Mariner (2)
    SPIDER-MAN Hero for Hire (2)
    PYRO Saint-John Allerdyce (4)
    SCARLET WITCH Controls Probability (1)

    Basica strategy is to get Ant-Man, Falcon or Beast in some combo to get blockers out fast, and use PXG to get a ton of energy each turn. If I roll bolts, I get Pyro out there, and depending on how many characters my opponent is putting out, I try and get either Namor or Spidey out there. I almost never use SW, so I am contemplating swapping her out without something that can deal with Hulk/super strong characters that would demolish my smaller guys.

    As for my girlfriend, she uses a Nasty Boy/villains team, with Iron Man support to allow her to use shields to add extra damage to me. She recently had She-Hulk in the Ant-Man slot, but she was never using her, and if she ever rolled fists at the beginning of the game, she was doomed. Ant-Man allows her to get a character out without having to waste her mask energy on Psylocke so early on if she doesn't have to. She's thinking about switching out Inner Rage because it NEVER gets used, and something like Ambush or something would benefit her more.

    ANT-MAN Biophysicist (2)
    CYCLOPS Field Leader (2)
    IRON-MAN Upright (1)
    PROFESSOR X (Trainer) (1)
    MISTER SINISTER Nasty Boy (2)
    PSYLOCKE Kwannon the Assassin (4)
    SCARLET WITCH Wanda MAximoff (4)
    PYRO Saint John Allerdyce (4)

    What do you think? Any major flaw you can see?

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    SW to this point is a card that hasn't found its niche, so I'd agree with nixing it. I think I see what you're going for but I have to imagine it takes a little while to set up. The Namor and Spider are key, you say, but I think that having two five-cost clinchers are tough without more fixing than you have, perhaps a BEWD global. You can get blockers out fast, I see that, but many strategies just ignore blockers one way or another and that's a danger here. You have Distraction, but if someone has Doomcaliber Knight - very common right now - that global will prevent you from pushing something back. Can you expand a little more on what you do turn 1, 2, 3, etc? I bet this could be streamlined into something a little speedier

    As for your girlfriend, I'd have to reserve judgement on Villains until we see how DC is used. Villains get a LOT of help in there.

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    I usually buy Falcon/Ant-Man/Beast first turn and use PXG to get energy in prep area. Try and get Pyro or Ant-Man turn two with more PXG to load up prep area for turn three. I'm really hoping to get to play this team against some of you really good folks online somehow, and learn more about the game. Sadly, not a lot of folks play this IRL.

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    Sounds like you've mastered the critical PXG usage. I'd love to play. Is hangouts ok? I can probably find some time later this week.

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    Are you saying Google Hangouts is a solid way of doing this? Awesome! Just trying to think of how I can webcam it with my phone, which is what I usually use.

    Should be a blast figuring this out though!

    EDIT: Also, this would allow me to double-check some things that I have played, and make sure it's all done correctly.

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    I'm still learning Vassal so that would be a chore at this point. Does your computer also have a webcam? If so you can put your phone on your team and also add your laptop to the hangout so that you can see. I've done it this way.

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    I would use the phone as a webcam, connected to the PC. As long as I can find a way to aim the camera at my team so you can see what's going on.

    I'm going to give this a look today when I get home. If this allows for more Dice Masters play, I'm pumped about it.

    And yeah, I haven't touched Vassal yet either.

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    You can get a little tripod with a smartphone mount for not a lot. Short term, just sit it high enough and secure it at an angle so it shows the play area.

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    I'll get back to you for sure.

    All you need is a Gmail account? If so, add me "" and I'll add you when I get home.

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    Here is what the setup looks like for the most part on my webcam. Would this be sufficient to play on Hangouts?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That would work with some clarification of what stuff is at times. Yeah, that'd be fine man.

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    Awesome, glad to hear it. I think playing this way will also force me to learn about what cards you folks use, and the new abilities and such. This shall be a lot of fun.

    Hopefully we can get more people to play this way!

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