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Thread: yet another draft variant idea

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    yet another draft variant idea

    A standard deck of cards has 4 different suits. DM cards have 4 different energies (except DnD actions). Is it possible to draft cards by using a stack of DM cards to "play" a card game?

    I've given some thought to:

    Go Fish

    I like the idea of "throwing off" in spades.
    Some games use a discard pile, which would leave undrafted cards. Golf is one of those, but I still want to try it.


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    Golf Draft

    Round 1
    Each player opens 12 packs. Build Rainbow. All cards are shuffled into 1 deck. The dealer deals 8 cards to each player, one at a time, arranging them face down in a rectangle in front of each player (2 rows of 4 cards).
    The remaining undealt cards are placed face-down in the center of the table to form a drawing stock. The top card of the stock is turned face up and placed beside the stock to start the discard pile. Before play begins, each player looks at the first row of cards closest to them, and returns them face down. The other layout cards may not be looked at until they are discarded.

    The Play
    The player to the dealer's left begins, and the turn to play passes clockwise. At your turn you must either draw the top card of the face-down stock, or draw the top discard. You may use the card you draw to replace any one of the 8 cards of your layout, but if you choose to replace a face-down card you are not allowed to look at it before deciding to replace it. You place the new card face-down in your layout, and the card that previously occupied that position is placed face-up on top of the discard pile. It is then the next player's turn.
    If you draw a card from the face-down card from the stock, you may decide that you do not want it anywhere in your layout. In that case you simply discard the drawn card face-up on the discard pile, and it is the next player's turn. It is, however, illegal to draw the top card of the discard pile and discard the same card again, leaving the situation unchanged: if you choose to take the discard, you must use it to replace one of your layout cards.
    Play continues until one player "knocks" (instead of drawing). All other players take one more turn. Players may now collect and review their 8 face-down cards.

    Round 2
    Each player sets aside the 8 face-down cards from Round 1. Play another round, shuffling the discard pile to make a stock pile if needed.
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    tried several ideas. All were horrible. Except Winston Draft:

    2 player draft
    “Winston Draft,” as it is called, was created by Richard Garfield. Richard was, like I was, looking for a one-on-one format with a little more luck in it. Here are the rules he set forth:
    1. Each player supplies 45 cards worth of sealed product (either three booster packs or a tournament pack minus the lands).
    2. Shuffle all 90 cards together in one big deck without looking at them.
    3. Choose someone to draft first, then put the top three cards from the deck face down next to it as three new small piles of one card each.
    4. The first player looks at the first small pile. He may choose to draft that pile or not.
    5. If he drafts it, he replaces that pile with a new face-down card from the deck.
    6. If he doesn't draft it, he puts it back, adds a new card from the deck face down, and moves on to the next pile.
    7. He looks at that pile and decides to draft it or not, replacing it with a new card if he drafts it, adding a new card to it and moving on if he doesn't.
    8. If he doesn't want to draft the third pile, he adds a card to it, then drafts a random card from the top of the deck.
    9. Continue until all 90 cards have been drafted. Construct 40-card decks and play.
    The beauty of this format is that you only know about half of what your opponent has. You can still deduce his colors (generally) by looking at what he's leaving you, and with that information you can leave some cards on the table longer, adding more cards to the piles.

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