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Thread: Large Trade List (bartok) from Europe

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    Large Trade List (bartok) from Europe

    Live in Madrid, Spain (Europe). I only play superheroes, not Unlimited.

    Super Rares for Trade:
    137 Starfire Koriandīr (War of Light) *
    138 Spider Girl, May Parker (Amazing Spiderman)
    140 Kingping Cerebral Crime Boss (The Amazing Spiderman)
    137 Constantine Hellblazer (JL)

    __________________________________________________ __________________________


    - Ironfistīs die(x1)(not the card)

    *Storm African Priestness Alternative Art
    *Black Widow Tsarina Alternative Art
    *Wonder Woman Alternative Art
    *Cable Alternative Art
    *Joker Full Art OP Weekend
    *Blink (WKO)
    *Hulk (WKO)
    -Terry McGinnis (WKO)
    -Mr. Mxyzptlk (WKO)

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    HAVES for Trade:
    Batmobil dieīs x3
    (s15)2015WKOP Batmobile Wayne Enterprises x2 Full Art, x2 Blank

    Marvel2015 WKOP Iron Fist The Inmortal Full art, blank (cards)
    49/126 Profesor X Reclutando a Jovenes Mutantes Full Art Promo (espaņol Uncanny)
    (s15)2015WKOP 63/138 Robin Boy Wonder Full Art promo

    (s15)2015WKOP 2/63 Namor Atlanteon

    (s15)2015WKOP Aquaman Arthur Curry

    AvX10/13 Colossus Phoenix Force
    AvX12/12 Cyclops Phoenix Force
    AvX2/13 Rally Card Action
    AvX4/13 Teleport Basic Card Action
    AvX5/13 Collateral Damage x3
    AvX6/13 Take Down x2
    AvxX3/13 Phoenix Force Force of Nature w die x2
    M14/1 Magneto Heir to the dream x3
    M14/3 Beast Nefarious Geneticist x3
    M14/4 Sentinel Omega x5
    M14/6 Wolverine Wanted x3
    M14/7 Marvel Girl Humanity x3
    M14/9 Phoenix Dark Phoenix x2
    M2014/5 Kitty Pride On a Mission
    M2015/3 Thanos Gauntlet Wielder
    TW7 de 11 Martian Manhunter Trinity War x3
    TW1 de 11 Pandoraīx Box Trinity War x2
    TW2 de 11 Superman Trinity War x4
    TW3 de 11 House of Mystery Trinity War x2
    TW4 de 11 Constantine Trinity War
    TW5 de 11 Wonder Man Trinity War x2
    TW6 de 11 Shazam Trinity War x2
    TW9 de 11 The Outsider Trinity War x2
    Robin Teen Titans Team Leader x2
    Raven Rachel Roth
    Starfire Powerful Friend x3
    Hawkeye Avengers Disassembled x2
    Scarlet Witch Avengers Disassembled
    She Hulk Avengers Disassembled
    Wasp Bio Electric Blasts
    Ant Man Biophysicist
    Nova Nova Prime x3
    Black Manta Deep Sea Deviant
    Lex Luthor Legion of Doom DC2016
    Black Widow Stinger x4
    Mera Queen of Atlantis
    Daredevil Marvel Knight
    Punisher Marvel Knight
    Villainous Pact Marvel Knight
    Bizarro Golden Age Superman
    Baron Zemo Citizen V x2
    Thrown Car, Basic Action Card DC (Golden Age Superman) x4
    Focus Power, Basic Action Card DC x7
    Roy Harper Adolescent Archer x2
    Green Arrow Archery Advocate x2
    Captain Marvel Captain Marvel Danvers x3
    Iron Man Pro-Reg (CIVIL WAR) x7
    Ant Man Classic Avenger x2
    Cap America Classic Avenger
    -Melinda May (WKO, nacional) w die ( blank x2)

    -Terry McGinnis (WKO, nacional) blank without die


    117 Deadpool - Why Isn't There a Hero Affiliation?
    118 Lady Deadpool - Earth-3010
    119 Multiple Man - Pile On!
    120 X-23 - Blades of Rage
    123 Phoenix Force Magneto - Nowhere Is Safe Anymore

    117 Barry Allen™: CSI
    118 Green Arrow™: Star City Savior
    119 Katana™: Bushi
    120 Zatanna™: Inverted Incantations
    121 White Lantern Batman™: Light in the Darkness
    122 White Lantern Deadman™: Defender of Life Itself
    124 White Lantern Wonder Woman™: Life Endures
    (CIVIL WAR en ingles):
    135 Captain America The Price of Freedom
    137 Ronin Between Employers
    138 Venom Abandoned the Stinger
    139 Natalia Romanova Black Widow and Thor of Earth 23223
    140 Shannon Carter Captain America of Earth 81223
    141 Steve Rogers Iron Man of Earth 10208

    81 Agent Carter - Answered the Call
    85 Black Bolt - King of the Inhumans
    87 Blind Al - Fought Alongside Captain America
    92 Elektra - Way of the Stick
    95 Flying Car - Fly By
    111 Scarlet Witch - No More Mutants
    114 Storm Extra Lightning

    83 Black Adam Ruler of Khandaq
    85 Capitan Cold Icy Revenge
    86 Cap Coldīs Cold Gun Frozen Firearm
    87 Clayface The Terror
    90 Deadshot Floyd Lawton
    92 Diggle Team Player
    95 Firestorm Elementary Fury
    97 Gorilla Grodd Brains and Brawn
    98 Hal Jordan Punching a Hole in the Sky
    100 Jay Garrick Guardian of Keystone City
    104 Merlin League of Assassins
    108 Rip Hunter Chalkboard When am I?
    112 Static Taser Punch
    116 Wonder Girl Daugther of Zeus

    109 Deathlock Time Trveler
    112 Iron Fist Pure of Spirit
    120 Moonstone Hypnotic Suggestion
    124 Punisher No Restraint
    125 Pym Particles Scientific Breakthrough
    126 Radioactive Man Geiger Count Rising
    130 Spiderman Photo Op



    WF125 Poison Ivy Pretty Woman
    WOL114 The Flash Believe In The Impossible
    WOL115 Indigo-1 "Nok!"
    WOL119 Larfleeze MINE!
    WOL123 Mogo Doesn't Socialize x2
    WOL124 Mongul Ruler of Warworld
    WOL125 Munk New Guardian
    WOL128 Saint Walker "All Will Be Well."
    WOL131 Superboy Prime Troublesome
    WOL133 Warth Hope Burns Bright
    WOL134 Wonder Girl Barbed Lasso

    AMS112 Cloak: Darkforce Dimension
    AMS113 Dagger: Light Daggers
    AMS114 Daredevil: Fearless
    AMS120 Green Goblin Goblin Legacy
    AMS123 Iceman Cool Dude
    AMS124 Kraven the Hunter Proud Hunter
    AMS125 Lizard: Scientist
    AMS126 Luke Cage: Thick Skin x2
    AMS132 Vulture Genius Enginner

    ULT107 Baron Zemo Thunderbolt
    ULT108 Beast Not Your Average Pretty Face
    ULT109 Bucky Soldier
    ULT111 Daredevil Guardian of Hells Kitchen
    ULT114 Giant Man Pym Particles x2
    ULT115 Hyperion Atomic Vision
    ULT116 Kang Time-Ship x2
    ULT117 Loki Agent of Asgard
    ULT119 Maria Hill Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. x2
    ULT125 Red Skull Hail Hydra
    ULT128 SHIELD Helicarrier Odyssey
    ULT129 Spider woman Pheromones
    ULT133 Wasp Founding Avengers

    UNC101 Emma Frost Graceful
    UNC108 Namor Imperius Rex
    UNC119 Toad Mortimer Toynbee
    JL113 Cap Cold Master of Absolute Zero
    JL120 Harley Quinn Psychopathic Psychiatrist x3
    JL117 Deadman Embarcing Life (*)
    JL125 Lex Luthor Billionaire Industrialist
    JL132 Swamp Thing Part of the Green x2 (*)
    JL134 Vixen Animal Mimicry

    AVX103 Deadpool Chiyonosake
    AVX104 Doctor Doom Victor
    YUGI 086 Harpie Lady sisters Trio of Terror
    YUGI 100 Sangan Sacrificial Fiend
    D&D126 Lich Paragon Undead
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