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Thread: Wizkids random giveaways

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    Wizkids random giveaways

    Wizkids just announced these random giveaway winners from the WES page. Anybody on this list or know one of these stores?

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    I remember the announcement, and to check my profile, and then proceeded to completely forget about this. Cool stuff, even a couple of winners over on the other side of the big puddle

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    I know the Montreal store, I'm honestly surprised they do any Dicemasters at all, unless this is also Heroclix related.

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    I've played a few Magic PTQs in some of those shops. Pretty cool.

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    This is Wizkids Event System related, not just DiceMasters. Includes Heroclix, Star Trek: Attack Wing, D&D Attack Wing, and DM.

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    This link shows a player's reward box; I haven't seen a store reward box.

    No, it isn't me, sadly.

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    Here, have a $100 DM card! Happy birthday!

    *really wishes I was selected now*

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    I have been logging in every day since this event was announced. I might have even started playing clix after getting that prize box.

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