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Thread: Five Tribes

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    Five Tribes

    Has anyone else played this? I finally got a chance to play one game the other night and I was really impressed. There are so many ways to get points, and lots of ways to go about it. You sit there looking and thinking about the best move, and then as soon as the previous player takes his move, a dozen new possibilities open up.

    Every move you make has so much impact on other players that it seems like you could easily get caught up with AP. Has anyone played this game a lot? Does more play make it easier, or harder, since you start to see more strategies?

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    I've played it a couple times and really enjoy it. Not sure if I'll get faster or slower :-P

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    Wonderful game. One of my favorites of 2014. Definitely a bit more tactical than strategic, but there are still long-view plans that you can chase, you just need to be adaptable in how you pursue them.

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    My wife and I play this fairly often. We're just playing for fun so we don't spend too much time trying to optimize every move. We typically make the best move we can readily see to keep the game moving. I really like the expansion for this game as well.

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    I like having fun with the assassins to clear multiple tiles.

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