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Thread: Freedom - The Underground Railroad

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    Freedom - The Underground Railroad

    So as not to hijack @Dave 's top 10 thread...

    I'm really torn on whether to buy this game or not.

    It's not a cheap game, and the production quality seems high, but, that theme...

    Part of me thinks that the heaviness of the theme might mean it will rarely see play.

    And then the gameplay seems a little shallow and one-dimensional.

    But, I've not had the chance to play the game for myself, so am only going on what I can gleeful from reviews.

    And then part of me wants to buy it just because of what it is.


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    The theme works very well and makes some of the decisions very difficult. It's very attentive to historical access and has garnered promo raise for the tasteful way it handles such a difficult subject. We really liked it.

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    Such a solid game. I am not a historical game fan normally, but the theme is so engulfing, and really pulls you into making critical decisions at the right times. I love the tension also, and feel the way this game drives the group to really work together is great. Highly recommended.

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    it's a really good game. i recommend that you get it .

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