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Thread: Pandemic Legacy

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    Pandemic Legacy

    Has anyone tried Pandemic Legacy yet? I've been eyeballing it at my FLGS for the past couple weeks.

    Any good? How similar is it to standard Pandemic?

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    I'll be playing the first game tonight. Super excited about it.

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    Let me know what you think. Me and a few friends were considering grabbing a box of it all together.

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    I want to keep this spoiler free but to answer your question, your first game session is essentially standard Pandemic.

    I think I'm on my fourth 'session' and it's a blast. For those of you unaware with the 'legacy' aspect, you will be making changes to the game that are permanent, and that adds an amazing amount of urgency and tension to the experience.

    Since it's a campaign you should play it with the same group for best results.

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    I honestly do not care for pandemic, but love the legacy idea. Sell me on why this makes base pandemic better

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