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Thread: Thoughts on a control team

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    Thoughts on a control team


    Looking at this as a possible team to play with in the near future. I don't have a consistent access to Vassal. Love to hear your thoughts and places I could improve the team.
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    Thanks Eladryll. I made some adjustments based on your input and they worked pretty well in the one play test I had.

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    Here's the team i've been running.
    4x SHIELD Agent - Need to Know Basis
    3x Nova - Human Rocket
    2x Iceman - too cool for words
    2x lantern ring - limited only by imagination
    1x pxg
    Magic missle and distraction
    This is an aggro build. It can win on turn 3 with the right rolls, and that is without any combat damage. It has some flex spots i left out, but i feel that running human paladin is giving your opponent the tools to fight your win con. I like psylocke. When ring is out and your holding bolts for pxg ramp, you can do aome chip damage.

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    I'm confused. All but SHIELD Agent are 4+ cost characters. Zombie Mags only effects 3 cost and below characters. So he can still MM Nova and use Iceman's Global with the LR:LOBI. How does that wreck his team?

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    Nova doesn't fear z-mag. Zombie Magneto slows the roll of the team, but nova and magic missle still do just fine. With a ring in the field and nova even on his lowest side, if you rolled all your side kicks and use iceman global you can get 15 dmg in one swing.

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    I've seen something just like sewnwings' team build work. A guy at my FLGS used it to devastating effect against me last night. (In fact - is that you Jeff?)

    We played a couple of times casually, and I played 2 teams against it - a Vibe spin down build and a cheap Villain Deathstroke-centric build.

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    you need more removal, loki laufeyson is good, or maybe storm goddess of the plains

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    Remove the Human Paladin, his global will nerf Nova, Fatality, and the Lantern Ring.

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    first, the code for justice league is jul not jl.
    maybe magnetic monster or jinzo.

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