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Thread: Black Lanterns: Apparently a thing

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    Black Lanterns: Apparently a thing

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    I figured I would share the latest monstrosity to hit my playmat, my Black Lantern team. I ran this last night at locals and it took second place after 4 rounds in a 12 person event. I'm still figuring out how exactly that happened, but I think it was mostly the surprise factor. The team performed surprisingly well, and it ramps up quickly to your purchases. If done correctly, you can have a Black Lantern of your choice on the board by turn 3. Not too shabby.

    The buy order is basically this:

    Turn 1: Ramp/buy The Outsider BAC

    Turn 2: Ramp harder/buy the Outsider BAC if you haven't already. Buy a second if you want, it's consistent ramp for this team as it will provide double generic energy and you can continuously prep the die after you make your first lantern purchase by drawing a sidekick with it.

    Turn 3: Purchase Black Lantern Wonder Woman and field her at level 2 with the outsider.

    Post turn 3: Let loose whichever farm animals of war you prefer. (hogs or dogs)

    Realistically, your next lantern purchase should be aquaman, followed by batman, but it can change depending on what energy you end up with. Superman is a decent closer, but he mostly exists for the global.

    Essentially, this team functions by denying your opponent any characters. Wonder Woman will lasso them to Aquaman, who will drag them down to the depths. Every turn, your opponent will be forced to lose characters. One from the field will hit the used pile, another in the used pile will return to it's card as if it never existed in the first place.

    BEWD, PXG and Ressurection, as well as BL SuperBat globals provide a ton of ramp, as does the outsider if it starts looping around. The Lanterns are the already explained win condition, and millenium puzzle exists to deal with problem characters and help survivability, because this team cannot have any characters that are not black lanterns fielded, otherwise your opponent will be able to target your own field instead of his. No one ever said anything about continuous actions though.

    Lantern battery was placed in this team because I thought it would be fun and make it more thematic somehow, plus it would allow me to get some chip burn in while disposing of my sidekicks every turn so my wonder woman wouldn't backfire. Realistically, it was never purchased. I could never justify it and beatdown with my lanterns was always the better option. While I played it at the event last night to test the team, it will be coming out in a future build, to be replaced by something. I've posted some ideas I've had below here.

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    I'm currently leaning towards thousand dragon. Wasp rare is also an option because of her global allowing me to get chip damage in on my opponent, which is useful because oftentimes I found myself to be one or two short from having lethal damage thanks to the pump global provided by the outsider BAC to give a target villain +2A. Any suggestions?

    Also, I just want to go on record for a moment here. At the time of writing, The Outsider is my favourite BAC in this entire game, hands down. Manipulate my bag so I can purchase a villain and then immediately field it at level 2 for free? Pump my villains by +2 for a single energy? Draw sidekicks every turn and send it to prep so I can have it whenever I need it? Yep. I love this card. Villains have always been my favourite strategy to play, and the outsider just makes them better and better. In terms of sheer power, I'd like to call it the most powerful BAC in the game, but I'll probably get tackled before I ever could.

    So yep. This team is apparently a thing and it's easily become my favourite team in the entire game to play. I can't wait to mess around with it more. Questions or suggestions? Let me know.

    PS: If you noticed that the only Black Lantern featured above that isn't a chase rare is Wonder Woman, it's because I don't own her in chase yet. However, you can help. For a small donation of only 1 chase Black Lantern Wonder Woman traded to me for stuff, you can have the satisfaction of being part of something derptastic, as well as the material wealth of many, many cool cards from my trade binder. Thank you.

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    I have seen high cost teams work before (Egyptian God Monsters all in the field at the same time) and while it is risky, I am impressed how well it worked for you. I feel the Lantern ring or Anti-monitor would be better and more thematic, but cheers. I love the team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeon20 View Post
    Dang, you beat me to it. I was planning on building something very similar but with limited wish once I acquire black lantern aquaman and wonder woman.
    I thought about wish, but I think it's too risky when you could get them guaranteed with the outsider instead, especially because you can't be buying other characters to defend yourself, or else wonder woman and aquaman start to work against you.

    I have seen high cost teams work before (Egyptian God Monsters all in the field at the same time) and while it is risky, I am impressed how well it worked for you. I feel the Lantern ring or Anti-monitor would be better and more thematic, but cheers. I love the team.

    The one difference here that makes this strategy a little more risky is the fact that you can't put up other characters to defend yourself, otherwise your opponent is no longer forced into a rough spot. I'm liking the idea of ring, but It'll probably end up being red or thousand to make my first turn purchase work a little better. This team is already full of holes unfortunately, and it dies incredibly hard to prismatic spray sadly. Then again, everything dies to spray, unless you buy a 5 cost character that has to sit in the board and survive, then ko's itself to negate one instance of an action die and can be baited out, and then your team dies to spray lol.

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