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Thread: Life Manipulator - Hurt Me More!!

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    Life Manipulator - Hurt Me More!!


    The basic idea is raise your Life Point as much as you can. But, this efforts is kinda pointless since you don't have winning conditions and cannot heal your LP more than 20, until we got Vicious Struggle.

    So, this team will manipulate your Life Point as your winning conditions. Check this out:


    Main Mechanism

    Constantine, Trinity War
    Cheap and it's versatile as blocker and raise your life point easily. You may change it with anti-hero (anti-action) if you want.

    Beast, Blue Bouncing Boy
    Another cheap dice and potentially to heal you faster.

    Damage Dealer

    Injection Fairy Lily, Force Injection
    This is the main hitter to get to damage for your opponents. She also can harm you to manipulate your life point.


    Lex Luthor, Greed
    Since you can manipulate your life point easily, this character suitable to fill team rooster.

    Blue Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon
    His global may be used to KO another die to heal you up, such as: Beast, Constantine and Mystical Elf.

    Silfer Surfer, Sentinel
    The main bomb of this team, which could harm you and churn and ramp more. Make sure use this global when you had roll Vicious Struggle


    Mystical Elf, Everlasting Support
    Her skill will heal you up and possibly churn more. She also provide you with cool global. Why not?

    Human Paladin, Lesser Emerald Enclave
    Anti-global and his global could protect you from direct damages from scary abilities, such as: jocasta+sinister global.


    Vicious Struggle
    This is the key of your winning conditions. It can deal damage to your opponent as much you get hurt either from opponents or even yourself.

    Since this team are not using PXG, so this BAC would help you to roll faster.


    1st turn: buy constantine and ressurection's global's
    2nd turn: buy vicious strugle and constantine/beast depend on your roll result
    3rd turn: if you had "healer" on your field. Start to recycle it with BEWD's global to buy another Vicious Struggle or Injection Fairy.

    if you facing rush-type or aggresive opponent, I suggest to play safely and buy first luthor, human paladin or mystical elf.

    At this point, you may use Silver Surfer's global when you had Vicious Struggle in your roll.

    Mid/late game:
    Buy all beast and fairy. Now, the opponent will getting annoyed with your capability to reduce and raise your Life Point.

    When you activate Vicious Struggle, don't block your opponent's attacks (if only they could finish you Life Point that turn).


    3 Constantine,Trinity War
    4 Beast, Bouncing Beast Boy
    4 Injection Fairy Lily, Forced Injection
    2 Lex Luthor, Greed
    2 Human Paladin, Lesser Emerald Enclave
    2 Mystical Elf, Everlasting Support
    2 Silver Surfer, Sentinel
    1 Blue Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon

    Vicious Struggle

    Life Manipulator is very complex to play. You should manage your Life Point effectively and use them to hurt you and harm your opponent's more. I don't even think that this team will competitive in meta play but it's really fun to play.

    Comment or any other inputs are welcome. Thanks in advance...

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    You could put in an AoU Captain America, maybe for Lex. Decent body on the board and either caps direct damage or add one to your Vicious Surfer and Fairy feedback.

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    if you want to have a life gain team, add with magic missle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zehnarm View Post
    @CeeQue : You mean Capt.America, Man Out of Time? Thank you.. I totally forgot that Human Paladin's global could be abused to reduce Vicious Struggle damage. So, I considered change Human Paladin instead of Lex Luthor

    @joshaber : At first, that was my first choice. But, none of my characters provide bolt energy (exp.BEWD).. Maybe I have to considering put Ice Man, TCfW also.
    Actually I was saying either Man Out of Time or the other one that stops all but one direct enegry. But yeah, I think you don't want Human Paladin messing with you vicious struggle. There is an antman that let's you take a damage too, but I thing you are probably set on the low cost end. Fun I'll have to give this a try.

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    Well, I'm afraid if Capt.America, Super Soldier will reduce the damages from that you should taken from Silver Surfer and Injection Fairy Lily.

    Maybe Capt.America, Super Soldier who can heal is also good alternative.

    Based on inputs, I made some changes.

    Life Manipulator v.2.0.

    4 Beast, Genetic Experts
    4 Injection Fairy Lily, Forced Injection
    2 Lex Luthor, Greed
    3 Iron Man, Philanthropist
    2 Capt.America, Man Out of Time
    1 Ice Man, Too Cool for Words
    2 Silver Surfer, Sentinel
    2 Prof.X, Recruiting Young Mutants

    Magic Missile
    Vicious Struggle

    Maybe it's a little bit slower in term of heal, but more reliable than first team.

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