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Thread: Cheap (or best ways) to knock-out / get rid of opponents fielded die?

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    Cheap (or best ways) to knock-out / get rid of opponents fielded die?

    Hi guys!! I'm new in this game, and there are so much cards... so I'm looking for the best ways to get rid of a threatening.

    I found some cards, like:

    Psylocke: Kwannon the Assassin Cost: 2 and 1 Mask
    When fielded, you may pay 2 Mask to knock out one character.

    I really like this card, because is cheap to buy (even if you must pay 2 mask and field to knock).

    What other cards do you recommend me to have in mind? Thank you very much!!

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    this are 3 constant cost and 2 fix. So for the first KO you pay 5 and later 3.

    Instead of her i really like Millenium Puzzle, once its in the game and you ramp really good, this die could always hit the table.

    Another good character would be Storm 3 Cost to let roll and remove with 50% chance when she is fielded.

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    I'm still a fan of Storm - African Priestess even if she isn't a KO for certain.
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    with and you can also use and and another possibility is or if you want a complete board sweep use

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    Arch-nemesis BAC from ASM and transfer power global can not only get you a KO on your opponents character, but can even trigger Aftershock effects.

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    mr fantastic isn't removal technically...

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshaber View Post
    mr fantastic isn't removal technically...
    and yet practical he does like Storm - African Priestess with 1 Mask. (Trust me i am an expert 8-S )

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