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Thread: All my OP kits for a tsarina

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    All my OP kits for a tsarina

    Hi guys. I need a tsarina desperatedly (with 2 dice if possible)
    Im giving my collection of OP kit cards, which are:

    - The outsider, trinity war
    - Martian manhunter x3 trinity war
    - House of mistery x2 trinity war
    - Pandoras box trinity war
    - Wonder woman x2 trinity war
    - Batman trinity war
    - Constantine trinity war
    - Collateral damage
    - Halfling thief
    - Owlbear
    - Hawkeye avengers dissassembled
    - Ant man biophysicist
    - Ultron nanite virus
    - Drow assassin
    - Beast nefarious genetecist
    - Shazam! Trinity wars
    - Firestorm x2
    - gladiator zombie

    If you are interested, PM me. Thank you very much. Greetings.
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    On the high end your collection is worth $50. Tsarina is going for a lot more than that.

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    Most Tsarinas go for around $65, though the occasional copy goes around $50. I think the bigger problem is that the people who have an extra Tsarina don't need the OP cards. You might have more success selling your cards and then buying off of eBay.

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