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Thread: Heroclix Figures as trophy

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    Heroclix Figures as trophy

    Hey guys, i had the idea to get some Heroclix Figures as Event- trophys.

    I want to give it to the first place or maybe the second too in original Colour/Gold/Silver with champion title on it and as Lifecounter. Or i will let the winner choose for his figure.

    I got some DC and Marvel ones (40 figures for 8) and will see how it looks.

    Is the idea new or was it done already?

    Can someone please give me a Link or a file where is explained how i can turn the figures in Lifecounters?
    And or if there is a tutorial for my idea, if it isnt new??

    Also when we will have the WOL Draft,i think about Green Lantern- Lantern Figure for christmas ^^ what do you thing?

    Greetings Tom

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    With HeroClix dials having 12 clicks of damage the best way to make it compatible is to replace the stats for both defense and damage for the 20 point life meter. The player using it would have to turn the dial a half of a click. What I mean by that is on the start click the defense stat would be 20 while the damage state would be 19. Doing it this way would only use 10 of the 12 clicks.

    As for making an original dial I'm sure online somebody has made a HeroClix dial in Adobe Illustrator. All you'll have to do is input the numbers and print the dial on blank paper with an adhesive side to replace the original sticker.

    This is actually a great idea!

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    Thanks guys, you are awesome!

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