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Thread: Thrifty Shades of Gray 2 (Little Cup) - 10/24/15

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    Thrifty Shades of Gray 2 (Little Cup) - 10/24/15


    Today The Destination in Louisville, KY held "Thrifty Shades of Gray 2: Eclectic Boogaloo". The special rules for this event: each team could only have commons or characters from the starter, and each team must have at least one card with each energy type. There were eight players, so we went four rounds.

    Here was my team for the event:

    Going into the event, I had an extremely simple gameplan: buy Big Entrance on turn one using the Red Dragon's Global then, hopefully, use a shield to prep a die from the bag using Silver Surfer (and two life) to ensure that I would have the BIG E for turn two. I also would use a left over mask to Professor X Global two dice during my opponent's first turn. Then, I would buy ALL the Ant-Men, draw them the next turn, and field as many as possible on level 3. It was only then a matter of having enough masks to Relentless Global my way to victory. Parallax is there since my luck is, sometimes, very very bad. I subbed in Storm for Mr. Fantastic at the last minute for some removal (if needed), and Paladin was there to prevent anyone from getting too Global happy. The team was set, but how would my intrepid insect whisperers fare against some nasty competition?

    Game 1: The first game I faced a mean team centered around Cheetah and Firestorm. I missed the Big E on the first go round, and spent two energy trying to hit the action face using the Parallax Global. Since that didn't work, I ended up buying a second Big Entrance die and prepping what I could. I managed to hit the second one, and bought all of my Ant-Men. Cheetah was hitting me hard, and it looked as if my opponent was about to ramp up to purchase Firestorm... which would have been bad. I was able to field enough Ant-Men on high enough faces to stroll through my opponent's unguarded field and do enough damage over two turns to win.

    Game 2: My second game was against Kurt, who was sporting a Toad/Invisible Stalker team that was scary. Toad has destroyed my Ant-Man teams before, and I knew that if this game lasted very long at all it would be over for my ragtag group of low defense dice. My first turn went perfectly, however, as did my second. I hit the Big E on the first try with plenty of to buy all the Ant-Men. My ramp was working overtime, and on turn 4 I had fielded three level 3 Ant-Men, and one on the level two face. I swung in using Relentless for 18, and used RDG on my following turn to finish him.

    Game 3: My third game was against my arch-rival Steve. 10 months ago (give or take), in an Uncanny X-Men draft, we met in the finals. It was my common Ant-Man team against a Toad team. History appeared to be repeating itself, as my poor little Pyms stared across the table at another Toad. It may be the very same Toad card he got last year when he fed me my face. He was also packing a Human Paladin and Guy Gardner (the really really heavy hitting Guy Gardner). He elected to purchase plenty of Guys using my Big Entrance. I was able to get my four Ant-Men, and a Storm "Just in Case". He whiffed on his Guys, and didn't reroll them, choosing to use the energy to purchase Toad. I was able to draw and field all of my Ant-Men on high enough levels to land a big hit to put him away.

    Game 4: My last game was against a newer player. She was using another Cheetah team, coupled with the always-devastating Ultron and Drone combo. She quickly was able to purchase two Drones, two Cheetahs, and an Ultron NWO. My ramp decided to pick this exact time to fall apart. I was able to recover it the following turn (thanks to sacrificing some Sidekicks to her Cheetah onslaught). By this point I had hit her a few times with mid-level Ant-Men, but had almost nothing to protect myself. She had enough to get me close to zero (she had fielded two SKs of her own to play defense). After we discussed the merits of each approach, she elected to "play it safe" and attack with only the Drones leaving five characters to block. I let the Drones through since the damage would have been three either way, and this would clear out some blockers. I had purchased a Parallax on the previous turn, and rolled that, an Ant-Man, and six Sidekicks. I was able to get the five needed to use Relentless to prevent any blocking, and won.

    I went 4-0 on the day... and frankly was a little shocked. I LOVE Ant-Man in this game, but this team didn't seem to have much of a chance if the game lasted longer than round five. I had gone back and forth all week on which team to take (although I elected to use "Ants Marching", "Fantastic Four on Fire" and "Choke on Sidekicks!" were also favorites). I had a good time, and I think the new players at the event did as well.

    Side note 1: I totally listened to Dave Matthews Band's "Ants Marching" for inspiration while testing this team. Last week I had success in two drafts solely due to a new pair of Spider-Man socks I wore. This week, it's totally about the melodic 90s sounds of DMB.

    Side note 2: I bought a leftover "draft pack" from last week's Age of Ultron draft, and in the twelve packs I got TWO SUPER RARES (Zombie Electro and Captain Universe). All in all, I'd say I had a good day of Dice Mastering.

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    nice, the team looked good. what was the hardest game you had?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshaber View Post
    nice, the team looked good. what was the hardest game you had?
    They were all challenging for different reasons. The last two games were the hardest. Steve, who I played in game three, is an excellent player. He had so many answers to so many of my tricks that it was all luck, and waiting to go for the opening when I saw it. He had Distraction, and I didn't yet have my Paladin fielded. I had to fight my urge to attack for a bit of damage but let my biggest Ant-Man get distracted to hold for a better shot. It was risky, but it worked (and also caused him to waste a precious mask).

    My last game was tough because of the high volume of characters she was able to field. I feel like, between my bad rolls and her Cheetah rush, that game could easily have swung in the other direction. She will be a very tough player when she gets a few more games under her belt. She comes from a Magic background, and is already on her way to learning the ins-and-outs of Dice Masters. That same game six months from now would probably play out differently.

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    i really like ant man too, he has always been a favorite of mine, and the movie was good to (that was irrelevant)

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