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    Red Team

    Hey everyone, here's a team that I've been trying to come up with. It's a rush team, utilizing the red dragon (lesser dragon), human torch (flame on), and power bolt. I know there are a lot of teams that use this core mechanic, but I also have been trying a couple things to make the burst even faster.

    So here's a character break down:

    Spider-Man (Web Crawler)- If I can get this on an early turn, the chances of winning become incredibly high. After this hits, they will be left with 7 health, which is two turns of purchasing and rolling power bolts. Obviously it will not work all the time, but I feel like this Spider-Man should see some more play time for this crazy ability.

    Guy Gardner (Blinding Rage)- Cheap and effective. Buying this when I can't buy power bolt or if the enemy team has Jinzo and I can't rely on red dragon/power bolt combo.

    Falcon (Samuel Wilson)- Same as Guy Gardner, cheap and effective. A less aggro-prone choice.

    Ultron Drone (01010101010101001etc.)- Global ability is nice(although expensive), and can also create openings on the field.

    Human Paladin (The good one)- Useful global and active abilities in case I'm getting slammed by other global abilities.

    Human-Torch (Flame on)- Essential efficiency guide for the red dragon/power bolt combo. I can also buy him to go fielding aggro with all of my 2-costs.

    Red Dragon (lesser dragon)- Essential for the combo. Can purchase is need be.

    Phoenix (Ms. Psyche)- Global gives way for Spider-Man to attack, plus is a solid 6-cost is need be.

    Power Bolt- Should be obvious by now

    Relentless- Gives Spider-Man the chance to attack. Also is a 3-cost action dice for red dragon (although I hope I don't have to buy this).

    If you have any questions, comments, or critiques, please feel free to reply!

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