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Thread: ASM release Date?

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    It was pushed back 1 week to 11/18.

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    Seriously, why can't WizKids lock down a release date in advance?!?

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    The last several DM sets had successful release dates. I don't feel too bad that they had a date, realized they wouldn't be able to make it, and pushed it back one week.

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    They pushed it back with lots of notice this time too. Not last minute at all, so very understandable there could be delays this far out. Customs is unpredictable, for example.

    I appreciate that they give projected release dates at all. They could attempt to be much more secretive about it (although that would be difficult given the large number of retailers involved). Or they could wait until last minute (when nearly all possibilities for delays have passed) to announce releases which makes it harder for fans to plan accordingly.

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    11/18 is better anyway, next week I will be playing Fallout 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbowyer View Post
    For all those in the UK, wizkids replied to me today saying asm is still set to launch on 20th November. Which is good news... IF it's true. But I am still taking a pinch of salt with it and will only believe it when my store gets the actual order solicit through.
    We get limited GFs (not sure about Starter Sets) next Week Thursday~Saturday, but only 1-2 GFs , rest will come like in UK i think. And successful release in Germany hmmm AOU i think rest was so much delayed (D&D and JL 1 month) cant remember when we had a correct release party...

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    Honestly, anyone who doesn't assume the first couple of release dates or so aren't going to get pushed back within a month of the current stated release date at the time of date change, hasn't learned how Wizkids works.

    This isn't disparaging them or anything, in fact, coming to realize this makes planning a lot easier; it's a literal rule of thumb.

    This doesn't mean I don't still get my hopes up and disappointed, but I am cognizant of this.

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    Cool Stuff is advertising ASM singles will be available on Wednesday, November 11.

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    I just recieved a newsletter from WK! The singles will be avaliable on 11, Nov, is that right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tadeu.goiabeira View Post
    I just recieved a newsletter from WK! The singles will be avaliable on 11, Nov, is that right?
    You recieved a newsletter from WK, i didnt get one and the last was nothing about Dice Masters at all? It seems possible that some stores or people will recieve it at the first stated date, i just think they dont want to have an more all over the world release due to shipping time and thats why its getting later released for all of us.

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