Long time troller, first time poster here. Unfortunately, like the title says I don't have the time to game right now, and am going to liquidate my collection. Please, have a look!

Harley Quinn Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Owlbear Legendary Beast
Green Dragon Legendary Dragon

Lantern Battery Power Source
The Flash Connected to the Speed Force
Obelisk the Tormentor Intimidator
Red Skull Undying Evil
Emma Frost Hellfire Club

Starter Box – all basic actions included
Atom Professor of Physics
Atrocitus Bloody Leader
Beast Boy Animal Magnetism
Bleez Controlled Rage
Carol Ferris True Love
Dex Starr I good kitty
Fatality Forgiving Heart
Indigo-1 Nok
Jade Empowered by the Starheart
Kilowog Poozer
Larfleeze Mine
Miri Riam Capable of great love
Mogo Doesn’t socialize
Mongul Ruler of Warworld
Munk New Guardian
Ranx Blot out the stars
Scarecrow Hallucinogenic Phobias
Superboy Prime Troublesome
Supergirl Last daughter of Krypton
The Flash Believe in the Impossible
Wonder Girl Barbed Lasso
Lantern Ring Limited only by imagination

Starter box- all basic actions included
Aquaman Orin
Black Manta Artificial Gills
Blue Beetle High School Hero
Captain Cold Master of Absolute Zero
Cheetah Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva
Deadman Embracing Life
Green Lantern Brightest day
Katana Soultaker Sword
Lex Luthor Billionaire Industrialist
Sinestro Sinestro Corps Leader
Swamp Thing Part of the Green
The Joker Red Hood

No Basic Actions
Obelisk the Tormentor Fist of Fury
Goblin Attack Force Unruly Throng
Curse of Dragon Skeletal Structure
Summoned Skull Lightning Strike
Ring of Magnetism Monster Attraction
Flame Swordsman Salamandra Flamestrike
Time Wizard Time Magic
Black Luster Soldier Fearsome Fighter
Celtic Guardian Silverblade Slash
Red Eyes B. Dragon Claws of Steel
Blade Knight Last Man Standing
Harpie Lady Flurry of feathers
Slifer the Sky Dragon Legendary Blast
Morphing Jar Field Reset
Marhmallon Bites Back
Dark Magician Girl Dark Burning Attack
Gaia the Fierce Knight Dextrous Jouster
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp the Power of the Lamp
Breaker the Magical Warrior Counterspell

No Basic Actions Included
Beast Not your average pretty face
Bucky Soldier
Captain Marvel Inspiration
Giant Man Pym particles
Moondragon Daughter of the Destroyer
Nick Fury Schemes upon schemes
Phil Coulson Expert recruiter
Star Lord Element Gun
Maria Hill Director of S.H.I.E.L.D
Wasp Founding Avenger
Red Skull Hail Hydra
Wonder Man Movie Star
Gamora Deadliest Woman in the universe
Kang Time-ship
Ant Man the insect world
Apocalypse Time of Testing
Bishop XSE
Black Panther Diversion
Cable Time traveler
Captain America Superhero
Loki Agent of Asgard
Emma Frost Graceful
Spider Woman Pheromones
Marvel Girl Telepath
Professor X Trainer
Psylocke Kwannon the Assassin
Pyro Uncontrolled
Red Hulk Superhero
Sabretooth Superpowered
Scarlet With Unity Squad
Sentinel Robot
Vision Victor Shade
X-23 Killing Machine

Basic actions included
Manticore Paragon Beast
Dwarf Cleric Paragon Lords Alliance

Dark Magician Girl Dark Burning Attack
Miri Riam
Nick Fury x2
Wonder Girl
Carol Ferris
Red Skull x2
Captain Marvel
The Flash Believe in the Impossible

All rares and super rares are sleeved in ultra pros in addition to being inside a binder. All dice will be included. All commons and uncommons that I have are included as well, and if you have a specific one you need to know about, please don’t hesitate to ask. All the dice are sorted by set and then by character into snack-size ziplock bags. The binder will be included as well, and is a Ultra Pro Binder: Premium 9-Pocket PRO-Binder – Black, though it does have two stickers on the back. I will also include several extra ultra pro sleeves, and all the basic action dice. I expect shipping to be about 20$.

I have an auction listed on Ebay, or if the offer is right I'll happily take it down! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dice-Masters.../191726786316?