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Thread: Machine Gun 2.0

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    Machine Gun 2.0

    Hey guys,

    Made a semi-fun/competitive team couple of days ago and after joining this forum I thought let's post it here and see what we can get out of it.

    The Line-up:
    Doctor Strange - Master of the Mystic Arts
    Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Monstrous Dragon
    Magic Missile or Power Bolt + Polymorph

    The Supporting Cast:
    Beast - Genetic Expert
    Beholder(not set which one is the right one yet, either Minion, Lesser or Master)
    Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell
    Red Dragon(for his Global)
    Human Paladin - Lesser Emerald Enclave

    I think the way it works should be pretty clear, get your Strange out and start firing away with those Action Dice.
    For now I've got issues with which Beholder I should use and if Red Dragon and/or Human Paladin are needed and if Human Paladins global isn't hurting me more than his ability can help me.

    Also, are there any meta picks that come to mind with which I will have a very hard time dealing with?

    Thanks again guys!

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    There's a basic action in the upcoming DC set that gives a character +3 attack and Overcrush. With how beefy Dr Strange or the Red Dragon's stats are it might be worth it to bring that instead of Power Bolt. It could be a nice finisher to close the door. Just a thought.

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    Also, Storm Weather Witch was on a few teams at Nationals this past weekend. That could wreck this team. Also the Ring of Magnetism Action Attraction. That was on a few teams (mine and Dave's) as well.

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    Yeah Storm is one that will see play if these action teams take off - but this looks like its fun to play.

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    Question about your beholder choice. Have you seen the ruling on the global here: ? The way I read the ability to work was that it set the action face aside until next turn, but rereading the rules, you never move dice from your prep area without rolling them. Thus, you set the action die aside for two rounds, and then still have to roll it when it is added to your roll. Honestly, this ability does not seem worth the card slot, based on this ruling.

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    @Randy: Ring of Magnetism isn't that hard to deal with, as long as I get a Prismatic Spray in the dice chain early enough. Since Spray doesn't target, it just wipes the whole field, it doesn't get countered by a Lord of D Ring combo.

    @Shadowmeld: Beholder is not just there for his global, he is much rather there for one of his abilities. With this team you will most likely have quite the sated dice bag, as you can just keep buying action dice.
    The damage can become really scary if you have a Beholder and a Strange in the field. Use one Magic Missile or Power Bolt and deal 5 damage, use a Prismatic Spray to stop counters, deal 3 damage. It's quite easy to get Strange out in the field as soon as turn 3 with the right rolls and a Polymorph.

    But my biggest concern is regarding the Human Paladin -> would I be better off taking a Lord of D Ring combo to get his global out of the picture? And which slot will be taken out?

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    Try the Beholder that utilises all four Basic Actions when assigned to attack first (Lesser, iirc).

    If you have Strange out, then attack with said Beholder, that's 8 damage, to face, minimum.

    Also, the Limited Wish that gets you expensive characters for free (50% of the time) works really well in this type of team.

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    This could be really fun, and I think you get some tools in DC that can help it. A big-time action deck is coming, I don't know if it's arrived yet or been found yet, but it has to be out there waiting to be discovered.

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