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Thread: Dice Masters Live Stream (wizards tower, Ottawa)

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    Dice Masters Live Stream (wizards tower, Ottawa)

    Link is available above, feel free to watch and cheer our friend @theroyalfalcon on! GO HEROICS!

    EDIT: Falcon won round 1 with the Heroics list! Muahahahaha
    Dragons win round 2.
    wolverine wins round 3
    Dragons win round 4
    I will post updates here when new rounds start.
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    Dragons ended up winning the tournament, but a big cheers to @theroyalfalcon , who came second overall with his heroic list:

    Wolverine: Superhero
    Captain America: Superhero
    Storm: Superhero
    Iron Fist: The Immortal
    Hulk: Green Goliath
    Constantine: Hellblazer
    Professor X: Recruiting young mutants
    Blue-eyes white dragon: monstrous dragon
    Big Entrance
    Magic Missile

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    This was an awesome event, was nice of the store to let us use their gear . I did not get featured but took 3rd with a fairly standard Villain retaliation team:

    Constantine: Hellblazer
    Green Goblin: Gobby
    Black Manta: Deep Sea Serviant
    Sinestro: Sinestro Corps Leader
    Solomon Grundy: Buried on a Sunday
    The Joker: Clown Prince of Crime
    Professor X: Trainer
    Blue-eyes white dragon: monstrous dragon
    The Outsider

    I lost to the Jocasta team that was featured in game 4. I hope they let us do it again next time!

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    I would have gone but I was hosting board games that day. I'll try for the next event, and I'm going to be starting up (hopefully) bi-weekly sunday events at gamebreakers as well, on the opposite week of eric's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeon20 View Post
    Liking the different teams. I wish there was some commentary to go along with it. Can't wait to c more dicemasters action
    Maybe they'll let me commentate next time if I can get out there. I'll ask them sometime.

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