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    I loved it when I first started playing it and became obsessed. Still love the humor of the game but don't play it that much anymore. For those that love it or loathe it, why do you feel that way?

    For @koolkat67 who asked, here is my custom draw box of holding on my custom box:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    yeah we go in waves with it but still love it. got some inside pics?

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    I own a large portion of the original fantasy Munchkin plus Star Munchkin and Munchkin Booty. They don't get played very often for a couple reasons. One is the heavy focus on luck-of-the-draw (especially when you have a foot-tall stack of Fantasy Munchkin cards). The other is that it's more mean-spirited than my usual playgroup prefers (which to some people is a plus).

    I play it once in a while at conventions, but they also have a "pay-to-win" type of thing where buying/wearing their products (clothing, level counter dice, level counter app, dice bag) gives you an in-game advantage. Cool for them, it works well for their company, but not my play style. Imagine if Dice Masters had "official custom playmats" and if you used them you started with 21 life instead of 20. And they cost $50 each.

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    I love Munchkin because of the humor, it's quick and easy to teach, and because it's cheap to get started playing it. I like that unlike most of my favorites, it's simple to keep track of so it doesn't require a ton of focus - it can be played while there is a party going on around you. We don't play often enough to get tired of it, so it remains a family favorite.

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    I liked it originally. I've since decided it's only fun with the correct people. I've run into so many awful games of Munchkin that go hours with players who can't grasp the game. Sometimes I just get trapped in it with a table of non gamers and it is rough.

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    People think it's a good game for non-gamers.

    It's not.

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    I'm not a fan. The humor wears off pretty fast and it just becomes a lot of "screw the leader" nonsense that goes on for quite a while.

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