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Thread: AOE damage resolution and while active abilities

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    AOE damage resolution and while active abilities


    Player 1 has Jocasta - Patterned after Janet in the field on the level 1 face (1/4) and Fireball in reserve on the ** face.
    Player 2 has Captain America - Super Solder in the field on the level 1 face (5/3).

    It's Player 1's turn and they play Fireball.

    Question: How much damage does Player 2 take to the face?

    Here are the possibilities that I have come up with:
    i. 6 damage. 3 from Fireball and 3 from Jocasta ability. This works if we assume the damage resolution from the AOE ability is handled sequentially by Player 1 and, thus, Captain America is knocked out first and his while active ability is no longer valid when we resolve the remaining damage.

    ii. 2 damage. 1 from Fireball and 1 from Jocasta ability due to Captain America reduction. This works if we assume the AOE damage and Jocasta ability damage are all handled simultaneously and Captain America is still considered active when damage is resolved (subsequently knocked out).

    iii. 4 damage. 1 from Fireball and 3 from Jocasta ability. This works if we assume the Fireball damage is all handled simultaneous and is resolved (knocking out Captain America) before we resolve the Jocasta ability damage.

    Did I miss a scenario? Are any of the above the "correct" answer?

    Card Text:
    Jocasta - The first time each turn Jocasta would be dealt damage, instead deal that damage to your opponent.

    Captain America - While active, prevent all but 1 damage to you from any action or character abilities.

    Fireball - Deal two damage to each player and each character. You may also spend 1 bolt to deal 1 damage to a target character (you may do this multiple times). ** Deal 1 additional damage to each player and each character.

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    I would say 4 damage. The moment you use Fireball Jocasta's ability triggers, but you must resolve both cards separately, and you can choose which one go first. True is the damage from Fireball to your opponent resolves simultaneously with the damage to cap, so in the moment fireball damages your opponent cap is still active, so there goes 1 damage, and cap gets KO. Then you resolve Jocasta's ability, and since cap is no longer active, that would be 3 more damage.
    So I go with 4 total damage, but that is if you play it the right way. If you activate Jocasta first she would deal only 1 damage for cap, and then would be another 1 damage from fireball, making a total of 2 damage.

    Apologies if my english isn't that good.

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    Cap's ability is a prevention ability, and Jocasta's ability is a prevention ability as well. They ruled recently on Jocasta's ability saying that it was not a redirect ability, and that is fine, but the ruling specifically says that her ability is a prevention ability.
    the effect of Jocasta’s ability has two parts (1) the original damage to Jocasta being prevented, and (2) Jocasta deals an amount of damage equal to the amount presented to the opposing player
    Since Prevention abilities happen BEFORE damage resolves, Jocasta would be taking none, and also dealing 3 before and/or after Fireball resolves. We do know that Jocasta isn't redirect 3 additional FIREBALL damage back at the player because of the Jocasta/paladin ruling, but we don't know for sure the intricacies of resolving her ability.

    As such, Either ii. or iii. could be correct, but i. is definitely not.

    For ii. to be correct, we would have to assume that Jocasta resolves her prevention and damage portions of her ability at the same time. This is the one I started to lean toward, to try and keep as close to the ruling that we must resolve all effects entirely before we create new ones (with prevention abilities like this being an exception).
    For iii. to be correct we would have to resolve the prevention portion, trigger the damage portion, finish resolving the Fireball, and then resolve the triggered damage. This could just as easily be the correct way to do this, but dice like Rare Loki's Scepter makes me think otherwise. The scepter has us KOing and preventing damage. This is quite similar to dealing damage and preventing damage, and I would argue that the KOing needed to be done before the damage could fully resolve, because resolving unblocked characters damage has them going out of play "before anything else can happen to them" (per another WKRF ruling).

    TLDR: I think 2 is the right answer. Yay Cap!

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