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Thread: Batman™, Robin, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

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    Batman™, Robin, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

    I was looking through the DC cards and came across the rare version of Robin. I was thinking that if you had Batman™ and Robin in the field, you could use Blue-Eyes' Global to KO Robin. He would come back at level 3 and you'd get the 2 energy discount on the next die you purchase. If you had enough bolt energy, you could do it again. Might be fun to play around with.

    When Robin is KO’d, move it to the field at level 3 if Batman™ is in play.

    Blue-Eyes White Dragon

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    I love the trademark even more! But yeah this is some nifty tech that we'll have to play around with. I wonder at its efficiency. I haven't really run numbers but part of BEWD is that you get that sidekick in prep, banked for later. You might need a situation where you have no other options for this to truly be useful, or perhaps that level 3 Robin gives you enough to close it.

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