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Thread: How would assigned danger work on a double blocker?

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    How would assigned damage work on a double blocker?

    Sorry guys but this is going to be a bit of a long one. I hope someone will be able to clear this up for me.

    Here is the scenario:

    Opponent 1 attacks w/ Hulk: Big Green Bruiser & Ant-Man: Biophysicist.

    Opponent 2 double blocks both Hulk & Ant-Man w/ Ranx: Sentient City then also blocks Hulk w/
    Carol Ferris: Link Between Hearts.

    Being that the attacker chooses how damage will be decided to the blockers and decides that Hulk will damage Ranx 1st then Carol. Would that mean that Ant-Mans attack is no longer blocked due to Ranx taking lethal? Or is the simple declaration of blockers sufficient to prevent an attack from going through?

    Also being that Hulk KOs Ranx, would that mean that the attack value of Ranx does not hit Ant-Man?

    Lastly, when double blocking, do you assign the attack value of the character to both attacking dice? For example: Ranxs attack value = 2. Then would 2 go to the character to the left and to the character on the right?

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    To clarify this a bit, there is a step you seem to be overlooking. When combat is happening, and the global step is complete, the attacker decides how he is going to assign his damage, then the defender decides how he is going to assign his damage. Then, and only then, the damage is resolved.

    In other words, Hulk says he is going to deal 6 damage to Ranx and 2 damage to carrol while Ant-Man says he is going to do 5 damage to Ranx. Then Ranx decides to do 1 damage to Ant-Man and Carrol Ferris says she deals 1 damage to Hulk. Then, all damage resolves. No character has overcrush, so no damage gets redirected to a player.

    Hopefully this clears up all of your questions.

    EDIT: as for how double blocking damage works, most players would work it as the reverse of how attackers work, though there has been discussion on it working differently. If you are really unsure you should post about it on the WizKids rules forum.

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    Thanks the clarification. I also found this entry by you from an earlier post which sheds some light on how to assign damage by the double blocker (in this case Ranx):

    "With no ruling or evidence otherwise, there are two ways to read the rulebook.

    If more than one character is blocking an attacking character, the attacker can choose how to divide the damage between the blockers (and can even assign all the damage to one and none to the other)... Likewise, each blocking character assigns damage equal to its Attack Value to the character it blocks.
    1) Likewise, the blocker can choose how to divide the damage between the attackers (and can even assign all the damage to one and none to the other)
    2) Or, we interpret "likewise" as just a coloquial term, and play the rest of the entry exactly as written, and when a character is declared as a blocker, they will end up assigning their damage to characters they block"

    Found here:

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