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Thread: "Dicevatars" Idea for Fielding Costs

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    "Dicevatars" Idea for Fielding Costs

    For the fielding cost based on number of likes accrued through the post a user has made during their account's lifetime, based on what I've read at least, I feel like the best way to implement showing off the number of likes accrued, or whatever else, by having every new member start off, at, say, a "10" fielding cost, and have it lower over time, going down based on every X number of likes, or whatever the plan is.

    I'm sure someone has thought of it, but it crossed my mind, so in case not, I thought I'd share it.

    So, say, everyone starts out at 10 (maybe 9 would be easier to use less digits), and after 10 likes or whatever, it goes down from 9 to 8, then after 15 more, down to 7, after 20 more down to 6, etc...

    I imagine things like number of referrals, or games played and scores recorded on the ladder, or files uploaded/number of times others have downloaded, etc..., could also be used in addition to likes, to give everyone equal chances, in case they're more active in one area than another - such as uploading files but not posting as much, so they aren't accruing likes, etc....
    Just a thought.

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    i think that the defence stats should be switched with fielding cost.

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