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    No worries Shadowmeld. I am in TRP podcast withdrawal, but your podcasts are so good and content rich that they merit re-listening. Just last night I put together your Good Synergy team to give to my daughter for a game against a deck I've designed built around Wasp, Thang, Toad, Morphing Jar and Umberhulk. It also includes PXG (being able to ramp while you're opponent has to pay life to do it is cool).
    Anyway, thanks again for all your great work! Standing by for more......

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    I'm new round these parts and have just started in on the podcasts so I've loads to keep me going.

    What I did want to say is that it's top notch content (for nowt!) and it is extremely well produced. I have been enjoying it greatly and look forward to this new one waiting in my podcast feed.

    You should be very proud of it - keep up the good work. Shrug this one off - even the best players get a bad roll sometimes.

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    :sits in corner rocking back and forth:

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