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Thread: Iron Man Invincible

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    Quick question about the effect of Iron Man invincible . I'm pretty sure that you can't spend more than one bolt when he attacks but I can't find the justification of this rule in the rulebook . Can you help me ?
    I would think ONE bolt because of the A before the bolt.
    Here is a page that says it caps out at 2A

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    Please include relevant card text when asking questions, so we can be sure we answering you correctly.

    Anyway, if I recall the card in question correctly, it is a "when X pay Y to do Z" type of ability.

    These, reactive triggered abilities, can only be paid for once, because, after you have triggered them, you are no longer reacting to the original condition.

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    When Iron Man attacks, you may pay a BOLT to give him +2A until end of turn. *He gains +3A instead.
    Here it is

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