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    Teen Titans GO!

    Hello folks!

    New to the game, trying to make a somewhat competitive team while being limited by the reality of what cards I own. I've opened maybe 15-20 Uncanny X-Men and 5ish WoL. The only thing that felt compelling that I opened was the SR Starfire, so I started to make a Teen Titans team.

    Magic Missile

    Starfire - Koriand'r
    Raven - Rachel Roth
    Wonder Girl - Cassie Sandsmark

    Need to get a Beast Boy (which one?), and my LGS has the TT Robin as a prize in the next little bit here. I think the TT Robin has interesting interactions with the other Wonder Girl (the shields one) as he can ensure she is preventing two and someone else is level 1. At that point switch to the other Raven to maintain the no-targets? My instinct is still that this is better, but I don't know that I guess.

    I like the idea of using Distraction to swing with Starfire and pull her back, and that most of my guys will be immune to having Magic Missile turned around on me.

    How do I finish the team?
    -Looked at the rare Warth, because someone mentioned it in another thread with Teen Titans, but at this point I don't think it helps me.
    -Looked at Infiltrate, as a way to increase the damage that Starfire does, but I don't think that's really enough. I don't actually know though.

    Let me know what you think and suggest some cards for it. Feel free to suggest whatever (as long as you don't suggest replacing all 8 characters with something ENTIRELY different), but if you mention something that is spendy perhaps mention something I can use in the meantime (with the eventual goal to get the better thing).

    I'm trying not to get TOO cute with a theme, Starfire is just the only thing that has won me any games so far. The DD is solid when playing against other newish players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atom View Post
    Possibly go for uncommon warth for ramp: at the end of your turn, if you have no other active lantern characters, KO warth and prep a die from your bag

    Since your win condition depends on getting starfire out, as well as all your titans, you will need some way to get them out as fast as possible. PXG may be better suited for ramp in that case
    I think that I will put in PXG. At this point I keep opening the UC Prof. rather than the Common one which is super frustrating, but I don't think it's too spendy.

    Edit: Gar seems like the right Beast Boy. Any ideas on the last few characters?

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    I'd bring either some globals to protect your guys (like YGO globals) or UC Warth and C Jade.

    These two work great in tandem.

    You can keep both back to block while you fish for TT characters, or attack with Jade. They will either kill her and most likely prep for you (allowing you to also prep from Warth), or let her through for free damage still allowing Warth to prep. The combo seems fantastic on paper and works well in game as well.

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    Honestly, any of the Beast Boys will probably do just fine. There are only 5 Titan characters currently, so once you grab Robin, the last 3 slots are personal choice. I would throw in a card for Removal, maybe another cost 2, and a big hitter assuming you can ramp up to it. If you have Cyclops - Field Leader, he would boost your SR Starfire's attack and ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sobolev View Post
    Or trying to hunt down the R Lantern Ring to get more damage from just attacking?
    I was going to come in here to suggest this. R Lantern Ring will do work. Potentially enough work to be a one turn kill if you decided you had space for Iceman: Too Cool for Words. Just turn most SK dice to Bolt side, swing in with Starfire, deal like 5+ damage, Distraction her back, use some of those Bolts to buy another Starfire die. And then I'd suggest getting Professor X: Recruiting Young Mutants, because he ramps so hard with this team. And he keeps your SK dice out of the bag so you can draw what you actually WANT from the bag. AKA your Titans and Lantern Ring.

    Now, this gives you an entire team with five Teen Titans, PxG, Iceman, and Lantern Ring. So if you don't want the extra damage from Ring you can instead drop that and Iceman out for more controlling cards. More than likely something along the lines of Constatine: Hellblazer. Though he's quite expensive, he's most certainly worth it considering he can shut things down. If you're scared of things like Captain America or Human Paladin global shutting out your damage then I'd suggest running Prismatic Spray: Lesser Spell. I believe that's the one. All of your opponents cards lose all text until the end of turn. So they can do nothing to stop you. You swing in with SF, get five damage off, pull her back with Distraction and move on to the next turn. Hm....I guess Millennium Puzzle is also useful here. It can accomplish a lot of what Prismatic Spray does while still giving you the versatility of being able to use removal on one of their threats if needed.

    Human Paladin is probably what you need to watch out for, so I might go Prismatic Spray.

    Other than that, you could always use something like the Rare Raven instead of Rachel Roth. One more energy to purchase, but makes all of your Titans essentially untouchable with Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark in play. That way you don't have to worry about bringing any other characters to fill in your team and can just use the other spots for flex actions/Globals you'll need. we're at five Titans, Prismatic Spray, PxG, and then pretty much whatever you want in this last slot. If you want a stupid amount a ramp you could always just put in Kobold here. Buy two early, double PxG, buy the other two and a Wonder Girl, triple PxG if you can, then you're off the the races at that point. You should have enough ramp at that point that you can seriously buy whatever you want and you won't be running out of dice even if you triple PxG every turn. Might be too much ramp though.

    I don't know, that's just what I've got going in my head right now. Let me know if you think of something better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frubzors View Post
    I was going to come in here to suggest this. R Lantern Ring will do work. Potentially enough work to be a one turn kill if you decided you had space for Iceman: Too Cool for Words. Just turn most SK dice to Bolt side, swing in with Starfire, deal like 5+ damage, Distraction her back, use some of those Bolts to buy another Starfire die.
    Can only buy characters during the Main Step, not after attacking.

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    Like I said, if you don't feel comfortable with the Iceman/Lantern Ring, you can easily just scrap those. Which means you can use something that isn't Magic Missile as well. Since Iceman global helps with removal as well. Assuming you have enough bolts to blast them with, obviously.

    Feel free to change whatever you want from what I've said. I'm not very certain about a TT team. I've tried putting one together before. Tweaking it a bit, and it ended up just puttering out every time I tried to do anything. >.>

    I just keep thinking about Lantern Ring and Iceman and thinking about how irrelevant they are. They are decent enough if you're swinging in with a single Starfire, but they really hit hard when you have multiple ones. Granted, if you have all the Titans out and four Starfires, the opponent dies. So I guess the argument is more along the lines of 'Do I want to want to alpha swing with Ring, or do I want to swing in with Starfire every turn?'

    I also feel like you'll need removal. Which, like I said, Iceman/Magic Missile kind of fulfill that role if you manage to have enough energy for it. But if you do that on your turn before you swing, you'll be out of energy to utilize the Ring properly. So you have to do it on their turn after they've fielded something. Which, cool, the utility is pretty good assuming that you're ramping all day with PxG. Otherwise you won't have enough to do anything with. Also, a Green Goliath will nuke your field.

    Damnit, I keep talking myself in and out of thinking Ring/Iceman/Missile are good.

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    this team will work well in wol constructed. the ring is powerful, but so much was found to counter it. if you have rare scarecrow, he is a good removal slot.

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    Okay, update on actually what I'm playing since I don't have everything.

    Played the above Raven, Starfire, PXG, Wonder Girl, and I got the promo Robin. I have Distraction, but no Magic Missile, Beast Boy, or 2 more characters.

    I played Toad (Tongue Lashing), Mera (Queen of Atlantis), and...something.

    Reports from the Field:
    Fielding Robin feels awful. He never feels worth his field cost. I also don't really seem to have a clear use of his ability to spin up and down and I don't feel like I really need his Global with PXG.
    Distraction was real good.
    Raven is too.

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