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Thread: "Mam, I'm trying to get a, a Wererat"

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    "Mam, I'm trying to get a, a Wererat"

    Every now and then, an episode of Board Game Breakfast will feature a great skit about Dicemasters, my favourite being the on involving Russ, who got addicted to Dicemasters. One of the cards involved in the skit was the Wererat from BFF, which gave me the idea to try building a swarm team involving Wererat for extra draw power. Around the same time, I was also thinking about ways to make use of the super rare Groot from AoU. Since one of swarm's weaknesses has been the relative ease to ping the characters off the board, I thought I could finally find a half-decent home for the Treant's long lost cousin.

    This is what I played last week:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Note that is not my Iron Fist, I play with the Full art version, this is just the best image I could find within the span of 10 seconds)

    The goal of the list is to use swarm and prismatic spray to overwhelm your opponents and beat them down with a rush of weenie characters, or use swarm to purchase Red Dragon and use breath weapon 3 to empty the board before attacking.

    Before I get to performance, I want to explain some choices here.

    Kobold UC: One of my most despised cards in the entire game. Why you ask? I don't think it's broken or OP, or I don't like D&D superheros are da bes, nope. None of that. I can't stand Kobold because the thing has never worked for me, and apparently never will (foreshadowing). Want the character face? Nope, single energy. Want some energy faces? Level 1 Kobolds everywhere. I wanted to give this thing another chance to prove to me that he is useful. Even if the list idea failed, if my luck with him improved, I would give him more thought in more lists. Being the cheapest swarm character, UC Kobold should be a no-brainer in a Wererat swarm list right? Right?

    Orc UC: Originally I had the super rare Stirge here, and it probably should have stayed, but I wanted to give the orc a try for once, for a few reasons. First, he has a higher overall attack stat, being 1 attack point above stirge on level 1 and 2 faces, while being even on level 3. Second, the higher defense stat makes it more difficult to destroy with magic missile global. Third, combined with Super rare groot, my orc's could have a defense stat of 5-6, making them excellent damage sinks and rendering overcrush almost pointless against me.

    Wererat C: One of the 2 characters the list was built for. One extra draw every turn as long as it remains on the board and I trigger swarm, and it's attack stat isn't too bad either for a die I'll only be buying 1 of.

    Groot SR: The other card the list was built for. I've owned this guy for a while and have never seen a list I've made where he is useful enough to warrant play and take up one of my precious slots for cards. If he belongs anywhere, it's a weenie list, making it more difficult for overcrush, Green Goliath and magic missile to cause your lists problems. At a 5 cost, he isn't unobtainable, but I wish his defense on level 1 was a little bit higher.

    Red Dragon SR: Normally when I build a list that uses red dragon, I'll just throw the super rare in because I like the look of the red stripe against the red card, but he actually serves a higher purpose here. The Super rare red dragon is the only version (so far) with a breath weapon ability of 3, allowing you to pay 3 energy when it attacks to do 3 damage to your opponent and all the characters they control. In a swarm list where I'm manufacturing a lot of energy, this is the win-condition that opens the doors for orcs and kobolds to get through for game-ending damage. The global is also useful for the list's early game.

    Prismatic Spray C: Essentially an auto include with any list not running PXG that does choose to play red/thousand dragon. Not a card I like very much because of the lack of counters and how it limits interactivity between players, but powerful nonetheless, so it gained a space on the list.

    Constantine SR: It's possible I will get attacked for bringing this card to a local event, and I'll take the scoldings I deserve. However, this list needed an anti-burn card that was cheap enough to buy turn 1 because there are people who insist on playing gobby rush during casual Thursdays.

    Iron Fist OP: Mini-groot for this list. An early purchase that protects my swarm characters from the likes of human torch, while also boasting a huge defense stat. Combined with SR groot, the chances of my characters being pinged off the board goes down significantly, giving me time to set up for the big attack.

    Big Entrance BAC: Easy to buy with red dragon global and puts characters I buy into the bag, which is really great to combo with the swarm ability if you can get set-up for it. If I have a swarm character on the board and purchase more copies of that die and place them in the bag, I can guarantee swarm triggers and roll a ton of dice. Great for weenie lists in general.

    Anger Issues BAC: Mostly for the global to pump unblocked characters, but the die could be used to get some extra damage through if I needed it. Worked out well because it's difficult to use against this list thanks to the +3D to all from SR Groot.

    How did the list perform? I suppose this is one of the lists I would call a bit of a failure. 2 wins (one of which was a fluke), 2 losses in 4 rounds. A quick breakdown:

    Round 1: VS Wolverine FWX. Not a list I was expecting given the more casual nature of the events, but it was also not a list I was expecting to lose to because of how it was built and how many blockers I could put on the board to save myself from the relentless global. Now, remember that bit about Kobold dice and I never getting along? multiple turns. No character faces, no blockers, no stopping 24 to the face. Could it have been a different game? Maybe, but these things happen sometimes. No biggie.

    Round 2: VS Guy Gardner Rush with Spiderman: Webslinger. This was definitely not a list I was expecting to beat because Spider Man is the perfect counter to what this list wants to do. However, they never purchased Spider Man and I was able to hold out until Red Dragon showed up to end the game.

    Round 3 and 4: This is where things get muddy. I was extremely exhausted that day and have been working non-stop since, and I've forgotten which round I won and which round I lost. One team was an UC Purple Worm rush, the other was built around DC characters and bolts. One of them beat this list, the other one I managed to win by a fluke with a perfect roll that left a bad taste in my mouth. I did encounter Spectre UC in constructed for the first time and it made for a great game. I will definitely be building around him at some point in the future, so look out for that.

    My overall thoughts: Not as bad as it could have been, but it didn't end up doing what I was looking for it to do. The swarm mechanic does not work out for me very well in general, so I'll probably shelve the kobolds and orcs and stirges for a while longer. Sorry Flexei. Changes I could have made include using mystic box as removal/a way to boost my characters attack which would have been great with SR Stirge instead of UC Orc.

    I'll come back to this list in early December when I do my next ideas blog, but until then, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments or post some suggestions. If you have any ideas for a list you want me to try and build around sometime for my ideas blog, send me a PM and i'll try and make something.

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    In hindsight I feel like I should have kept it mono D&D, if only to keep with a sort of theme. Blessing and either polymorph or Charm, with support like Human Paladin, Gelatinous cube or UC Manticore. Maybe even a purple worm for pressure. It's unlikely I'll replay this list anytime soon because Kobolds never seem to work for me, but your suggestion is helpful for getting me back to thinking about new options.

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    you will have a true swarm of small guys. i see this team working well.

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    Unfortunately, it relies on too many things to be viable, at least from a consistency standpoint. Maybe someone with better swarm luck than myself can make this work lol.

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