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Thread: The Prep Area Decks

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    Quote Originally Posted by comikesmike View Post
    I was hoping to find the Deck List that Shadowmeld makes on the Prep Area show, but I'm having a tough time finding them. Is there somewhere that they have all the deck list at? I would appreciate that greatly. Thanks for anyone that can help.
    The quickest way would be to either on the front page, sort articles by those in the podcast category and just check each post, as those posts each have deck list links. OR you could check for posts posted by RJ. I'll ask @pk2317 to see if we can get a Wiki page set up for it. That is if you didn't want to help us out and start one yourself!

    Glad you like the teams though, lemme know if you have any particular success with them, or what changes you might make to improve them as new sets release.

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    Yeah I'd love to see people put them on the Decklists page.

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    SWEET! great work Wiki team, now we just need to roll in the post TPA era TRP teams. But no rush. You guys are amazing and my heroes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    now we just need to roll in the post TPA era TRP teams. But no rush. You guys are amazing and my heroes
    Umm, this is done as well. Just saying.

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    Really glad for the wiki and information like this. I always hear about this team or that team (spider bomb, flying sidekicks, etc) and never had any idea what they were. So glad they posted info on teams that are, "This is a classic and has been supplanted by other, faster decks, but is included here for the history." Love that!

    I can look here for teams from history so as to give them a face lift with new sets or just get ideas on teams that worked and how they worked. Thanks so much.

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    I have a couple more teams that hopefully will get to post today for this list as well. Nova Human Rocket Ping Team, Johnny Swarm, and Current Control Build(s).

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