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Thread: Thor-Thunderer

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    Thor text:
    Prevent all non-combat damage to Thor.
    None of the Storm cards do damage to a character, so no.

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    Because "damage" has a very specific meaning in this game, and that isn't it. If I used the Dr. Doom that gives all non-Villains -1/-1, that would also not be "damage" and Thor wouldn't be protected.

    There are many actions and character abilities that cause "X damage to target character", that Thor would be immune from. But an ability that rerolls him/her, or automatically KO's him/her, is not considered "damage" for game purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danobmxpunk View Post
    How is being rolled from a lvl 3 to a lvl 2 or being rolled out not taking non combat damaged
    I think the best way to show you that spinning like this isn't damage, is to have you tell us what your definition of damage is. Not to be condescending, I am just an honest believer that the best way to teach is to guide someone to learn the right answer on their own, rather than tell answer, just because I say so.

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