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Thread: Villain Power! (Direct Dmg build)

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    Villain Power! (Direct Dmg build)

    Was thinking of a DC villain team build and came up with this:
    2x Black Manta--Deep Sea Deviant
    4x Cheetah--Cursed Archeologist
    2x Darkseid--In Search of Anti-Life
    4x Deathstroke--Weapons Master
    1x Joker--Clown Prince of Crime
    3x Harley Quinn--Dr Harleen Quinzel
    And because a pure DC team wasn't feasible.....
    3x Sabretooth--Survivor
    1x Loki--Gem Keeper
    Basic Actions Cards:
    Big Entrance
    Gearing Up


    Early Game, stock up on Cheetah and Black Manta because KOs on my side will surely happen. Get Big Entrance and Gearing Up to help buy characters, cos a fair amount of energy will go to fielding costs :/

    Once we've caused a fair amount of damage using Manta and Cheetah's Direct Damage abilities, switch play to the Sabretooth/Deathstroke combo. Sabretooth will be a persistent soldier on the field, with his resilient ability. Since he's always sticking around, Deathstroke will be bringing the pain with his 'when fielded' ability. His fielding cost may be a problem, but since our 'suicide soldier' Cheetah will keep getting KOed, we can reroll for energy if she comes out to field Deathstroke. And we'll still have Gearing Up to support us with the extra dice.

    If anyone wants to get nasty, lock them out with Harley/Joker combo or Loki. If we're really getting desperate for direct damage, out comes Darkseid. His fielding costs can be handled by rerolling all our other villains who get knocked out except Cheetah, because she can attack with Darkseid for more damage per 'attack phase'

    Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated Please do let me know how to improve

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